5 Things you want to do before you die

1. Bungee Jumping
2. See WWE front row ( Half Tick, saw WWE, just not front row )
3. See Justin Bieber get booed off stage
4. See a whale ( Tick )
5. Live in Burwood
Things I would do?

1: Own every BeyBlade in existence.
2. Have 2 kids (Girl & Boy).
3. Smack Kai-V in the face.
4. Have a mansion & and a cool car.
5. Get every blader in the world and beat them all!
Smack Kai-V in the face?
Saying that on her b-day?
Sasukia are you asking for a banning like you did over at the UBO?
1. Have a yo moms contest on stage with Justin beiber or eminem
2. Go to university of oregan and graduate
3. Become a member of a pro Chicago sports team
4. Draw a mustache on my sister while she sleeps
5. Yell out "u aint got no pancake mix" to my teacher in class
Cool and smacking Kai-V solves what?
Hmm, only five? Well, I would want to:

1) Become a well known architect.
2) Publish and sell a successful book.
3) Have my own family / Fall in love.
4) Become really good at a sport (preferably Skateboarding)
5) Visit every continent.

Ehh, generic things, but whatever.
Wait its Kai-V's b day.... HAPPY B DAY!!! I'm too scared to PM her and say Happy B day, she has magical powers.
1. Be Alive
2. Find a Death Note(hehehehehe)
3. Have my own Shinigami slave. (again HEHEHEHHEHEHE)
4. Have Shinigami Eyes.
5. Go skydiving.
OMG every time i press refresh someone posts or when im typing posts!!! Oh and i would do skydiving but no, major scared of heights.
1. Own a Ferrari Cool
2. Buy at least one rare Beyblade
3. Go to an E3 Conference at least once (Nintendo) & Meet Shigeru Miyamoto
4. Visit Japan
5. Be more successful than my parents Cool
I here ya man E3 it is untill then IM AWESOME!!!!!
1. Try and find this illusive Station 36 (Thirty-Six is the number BTW)
2. Enter another universe where my alien girl waits for me (lol)
3. Eat the worlds hottest Curry
4. Have two of my Beyblade systems completed and official
5. Stand on top of a Cathedral and shout "I AM THE WORLDS BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG"
1. Become a professional soccer player
2. own a ferrari
3. go to tokyo
4. Go to Stanford
5. If 1 does not happen become a financial adviser who makes millions!
1. go to the future when wars are done with mechas and make a anti milatary group
2. have my mecha be gurren lagann and pilot it with my friend alex
3. tell the girl that i love thats i love her and have her say she always loved me
4. when my gurren lagann is destroyed i get the nirvash type zero spec 2
5. have a fridge that will make any food i want
1. go to the future when wars are done with mechas and make a anti milatary group
2. have my mecha be gurren lagann and pilot it with my friend alex
3. tell the girl that i love thats i love her and have her say she always loved me
4. when my gurren lagann is destroyed i get the nirvash type zero spec 2
5. have a fridge that will make any food i want
Hah, mine are SO generic, but the reasoning is sound.
1. Play in some type of football league. I've wanted to be a quarterback since I was four, when the Steelers had Kordell Stewart. It's always been my dream to suit up on Sunday, and lead some team to wins, and of course, through losses. I know that football is just a game, and as a result, I think of it as "I'll play football, then do something else when I'm done." Hopefully, that won't be until I'm about 30, but I also know the odds of someone who is only 6 feet/6' 1" making it. I'm not deluded, but I'd definitely be disappointed, I won't lie. I really want to be like Russ Michna or Kurt Warner. Maybe Warren Moon, the CFL looks like fun.
2. Have my books in a store. Writing is just so fun to me. It's also a nice backup to football. Once again, something to do once football is done. If I don't play in the CFL, NFL, UFL, or AFL, I plan on majoring in Creative Writing, so I have a fallback plan. Again, this isn't just "oh, well if football doesn't work, I've got this." I love writing, I just like football just as much.
3. Go to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. This is pretty cool. I occasionally watch Canadian Football, and the Thunderbirds, while they don't always win, fascinate me. Plus, from what I've seen, the campus is amazing, and it carries what I want to major in. While this should be over my football dreams, I'm not gonna lie, football probably does trump it in some way. Not saying that it's not important, though.
4. See the Bulls and Bears win a Super Bowl/Championship. Self-explanatory. I love Chicago's sports, even if I don't like the city or the weather. My allegiance will always be with the Bulls and Bears.
5. Look back on my life and say "Not one second of my life was a waste. Hah, I wouldn't change a thing."
5 things I want to do before I die? Easy.
1. Become a famous entrepreneur. Since I'm still in my youth, I want to focus things around kids my age (10-18- even all ages) If Beyblades do actually die sometime soon, I want to try to bring them back, with a whole new system. Even bring back plastics, and sell beigomas to show what the original is based off of, and to make kids somewhat learn the history of beyblade.
2. Well, I'd like to become a long time standing member here, and become well known across the beyblade community! I'm shooting for 2k posts right now as it is Grin
3. Fall in love with someone who shares a lot of the same interests as I do.
4. Learn to create graphic media - like work for big companies or something and make really cool designs and stuff that they use to advertise!
5. Learn how to program computers/games, maybe make this tie into #1 and use #4 as a backup kind of plan throughout my life! Family though thinks I'm gonna be some hotshot football player one day, which I DON'T want to be...

Hey MegaBlader9, wanna switch with me? XD
Hah, nah. I HATE the hot-shot players who think they're awesome. ("Really? We're only gonna score 17 points? I think someone's not giving me enough credit." -Tom Brady.) Prime example.
Anyway, your five are pretty cool, though I wonder... Why don't you want to play football? I mean, it's possible that you're non-conformist, (Which I think is awesome.) so is that the reason? (I especially agree with the Beigoma idea!)
Well I wouldn't consider myself a full blown non conformist, but yes, I do consider myself one of those kinds of people Joyful_2 And I never really had a dad, so I never got into all of the "guy" kinds of things, I was the one playing Pokemon instead of racing/other more "boyish" games. And I was always the kind of school nerd and I've stuck with that. I'm in football now, and as I'm moving up through High School, it's becoming progressively harder, the only reason I'm playing is because I do it for my health, and even though I'm 14, one of my moms friends in Michigans talked to the coaches about me playing for them in the future, and when I get out of high school, I can literally just pack my bags, drive up their, and begin playing for them. Oh and thanks for the compliment about the beigoma Grin I've always been interested in them, but seeing as how MFB is barely known where I live (other than by kids) beigoma would make like no sense xD but all types of beys in one line would be pretty cool.
5 things I wanna do before I die. Hmm. Lets see...

1. Tell my ex principal
"I hope you enjoyed your trip... stop wearing thin heeled high heels and get a job your actually good at." - Done!
2. Get the perfect job, that I'll always be happy to go into work.
3. Have a 10 win streak in the trading card game of yu-gi-oh against my twin brother - Done!
4. Have a 30 - 50 win streak in beybattles against my twin brother.
5. And Play a children's card game on motor cycles. XD

Soooo. 2 out of 5 isn't that bad at only 19. Cute
*childrens card game on motorcycles*
Oh YGO 5D's, why can't you really exist?
You know, I'm actually planning in a few years to make a motorcycle similar to Yuseii's Duel Runner... It'll have a card deck slot, duel disk, everything! It doesn't really seem that complicated except for making all the shapes that go around the motorcycle itself.
I hav another 2
1. To go up to Kai-V and beat her! ( though this will never happen, as i live in AUS )
2. ( this probly suits my age ) Become the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE
I want to
Get married
Be on a basketball team
Be in the Olympic basketball team
Have kids
and win 1 beyblade tourney
Oh. This sounds fun. Here's my list:
1. Find someone to share my life with.
Who hasn't thought of this really?

2. Make my parents sincerely proud of me.
I just can't seem to do it right ...

3. Start a family of my own; a wife and some children.
It's human instinct to want to carry one's genes to the next generation, correct?

4. Provide all I can for my family so that they too can start lives of their own.
I would wish for my children to succeed me. To live a life brighter than mine.

5. Save the life of someone I love even if it costs me my own.
I want to end my life with a bang. When people think of me they'll think of me as a ... Hero. Isn't that the ultimate sacrifice? To give up your life so that someone else will have a chance to live theirs? Especially someone you love. I would hate to see them cry over my death but I would hate even more living my life regretting not preventing their death.
1)Get a degree in History
2)Fall in love and get married to someone who loves and understands me
3)Have kids
4)Get a decent paying job
5)Live in another country(Probably America)