2019-12-21 Papabey's Winter Solstice Classic



December 21st, 2019 at École élémentaire Charles-Sauriol in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sorry for being so tardy with my report, got the flu, then the kids got the flu, then the wife got it also… The flu has wrecked all of us in the past 3 weeks.

Kei wrote in his

“It was also nice to hear expressions of interest in hosting events in new areas around Ontario and offers to help judging in the future from several parents throughout the day. I’ve been talking about this lately, but I’ll say it again here: I think there’s a lot we can be doing to make things easier/clearer for Organizers, and a lot we can be doing in terms of outreach and guiding people in the right direction when it comes to hosting new events or learning how to judge. The interest is absolutely out there … now we just need to grab it and make things happen.”

Well, I’m one of those parents that became an Organizer. As a 40 year old who just learned this year that Beyblades existed, there’s lots of history and technicalities to learn. I love the saying “The More You Know The More You Realize You Don’t Know”, and this has been my experience with Beyblade. At first, you think it’s easy stuff – two tops just banging each other and one wins. Then you start mixing parts around and you find that some combos are better than others and the stock combos are usually trash. Afterwards, you realize you were buying first generation parts for your kid which are a few generations behind the good stuff. Your kid then tells you there are Beyblade competitions and you think it’s a good idea, so you sign up and you think “OMG my kid plays this 3-4 hours a day, he’ll crush the others LOL”. Sadness awaits…
You get to the competition and you see these people with awesome looking beys and I’m thinking “Hmmm…. What’s wrong here?” Somebody explains to me that you can also play with Japanese beyblades and that they are much better than Hasbro, and they are a generation ahead! Needless to say, kid gets owned but now wants Takaratomy beys. Spending $$$ ensues to buy some Japanese beys.
My kids don’t speak English much, so I can’t tell them to go research beys on the Internet. I watched Youtube videos with them, translating as we go. Zankye, BBG, LeftBurst, etc… Then there’s this Beyblade Wiki site – tons of info! Tons of info on the WBO forums also. So much learning now… left spin beys, right spin beys, weak launch, tornado stall, scraping, weight, same spin vs opposite spin matchups, winning combos, fake beys, tournament rules, recognizing all the different beys (getting much better at this), Turbo,  Cho-Z, GT, layers, recoil, core disk, frames, drivers, dash drivers, the anime… and on and on and on. Quite a steep knowledge mountain to climb.


I don’t remember much of what transpired during the tournament – we had some time constraints at the venue (which will be fixed for next time) and had to run a smooth tourney (hence the double elimination for 47 participants). Luckily, Kei, Oldschool, we’re great at running the tourney, Placeholder (henwooja1’s dad) was awesome at crowd control and the judges were fantastic. I was relegated to screaming out names for upcoming battles, focused on finding the participants and refreshing Challonge as fast as possible to get things rolling. All I had to go by for the running of the tournament was others opinions – and all said it ran pretty well, except for a few registration hiccups which we resolved (sorry originalzankye!).

[Image: open?id=1DsCbUBFuSI22mm9L6b8pKtjTdlhswccH]

 There’s a great Beyblade community in Toronto and the GTA, glad they were here to help out!

[Image: open?id=1_IWMiB1P8QGEhIKs1yfrrDaHiJgW9fAK]

As such, here are the finalists and winning combos for the tournament.



Winners bracket : Kei, 3darkdragons, Justin TC, Mitsu

Losers bracket : Henwooja1, Tahoor, MDK Shady, OliKAOS

Grats to OliKAOS for entering his first finals!


1st Place : Justin TC

2nd Place : Kei

3rd Place : Mitsu

4th Place : henwooja1


Winning Combos


1st: Justin TC



 IA.St.Ds’ (Finals)

LC pP.Outer.At (Finals)

TL.00W.Br Goku (Finals)


 2nd: Kei

TL.0W.Br Retsu


LLD.Bl.Ds’ (Finals)

IA.10E.Ul’ (Finals)


3rd: Mitsu

TL.0W.Br Retsu

TL.0C.Xt+ Retsu

LP.0W.Br (Finals)

TL.00C.At Retsu (Finals)



And of course, thank you as always to everyone who helped to run this event!:

big thanks originalzankye for his generous donation of prizes!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

Oh goodness, now that you've brought up all the new things you've had to learn. I now realize why my friends and family say I sound like the parents from Charley Brown xD. It was a great tournament, great venue and great organizer! Hoping to see how BEYBLADE SHOUGASHU will run. Hopefully without the whole 3rd braket problem like last year. Papabey you should have seen for yourself how crazy that was. 176 or something like that crammed into a place meant to sustain 70 at most was not fun. The whole thing ran from 11:00 am to 10:30pm. Happy to see we put the tourney cap on this one. We learned a lot about that. No tournaments for 3 months in Canada and no tournament cap= a long day and very unhappy parents. Hope to see you at the event next week. And a suggestion to all the parents, if you drink it, bring an extra cup of coffee. This will no doubt be a looooooong day. No where near as long as last year. But long non the less