11/16/14 ~ The Leaves have Fallen and Frost Approaches - REPORT

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11/16/14 - The Leaves have Fallen and Frost Approaches - REPORT

Hey organizers, how's it going? I'm back with yet another tournament report thread, this time relating to The Leaves have Fallen and Frost Approaches hosted by Shido on November 16th, 2014, not only a Limited Format event, but one with SEVEN attendees, too, with Kei's permission, of course. That in mind, let's get on to the details!

It was a little after our planned start time where we noticed that we only had seven attendees, not enough to play in the event. We tried calling parents and friends, but none were able to come. It was then Kei and I came to the conclusion of trying an event with seven attendees, given that it was an idea and soon-to-be legalized for tournament play. Therefore, we got started like a regular event. To begin with, we were able to get Priscient's (Pockyx3) matches done in a pretty short time period, not only because he stuck with two combos, but there were only six matches to get done. Once half of our records were determined, we went on to our last two matches. The first match consisted of Kei and JesseObre determining whether the two would be playing for first and second and third. Having the two tied with the score of 4-1 at the time, the winner would win the event, while the one who didn't win the match would be in a tie for second and third with Bladerkid2414. Turns out however, Kei did win the match (what a surprise), then making Jesse play with Bladerkid for second and third. Again, he had lost, making Bladerkid2414 our second place runner-up! Huge congrats to him on placing for the first time, especially in a MFB event only using one single combo, too!

Overall, we managed to get through the event in just about less than a half an hour. Amazing!

Winning Combinations: Click here, pronto!

Photographs From Before and After the Tournament: Click here as well as here.

Thoughts on the Minimum of Six: Okay, just simply click here.