WBO Authorized Store Program

Open to all dealers of officially licensed Beyblade products

Application Status: CLOSED

Please note that we are not currently accepting applications for new stores on this program. Please check back later. The program launched recently with a single retailer and we intend to ensure everything works as planned and finalize the application process before opening it up to the public.

What is the WBO Authorized Store Program?

The WBO Authorized Store Program is open to all dealers of officially licensed Beyblade products with their own independent online store to apply to join. One dealer per country may be accepted.

The goal of the program is not to simply act as separate entities looking to promote each other for our own gain, but to build a network that Beyblade fans can trust to provide them with the equipment they need to play Beyblade and communicate that there are people out there who want to play with them.

The WBO’s aim is to help people to play Beyblade, together. Embedded in this philosophy is not only the idea that people should be able to play together however they would like, but that we are stronger if we unite as a community.

This also includes sellers of Beyblades and means that all authorized dealers in this program will coexist with others in order to promote a greater sense of cooperation and ensure Beyblade fans can make the most informed choice possible when it comes to deciding which dealer best suits them depending on their location.

As such, there are two key components of the program:

  1. WBO Approved Store Perks: Approved affiliates will benefit from exposure across worldbeyblade.org (see “WBO Approved Store Perks”), directing users to purchase Beyblades from their store.
  2. WBO Perks: worldbeyblade.org will benefit from exposure on the approved store's website, directing users to join the community and find tournaments near them. An implementation fee and commissions on sales will also be included (see “WBO Perks”).

WBO Approved Store Perks

Upon Approval:

  1. One-Time News Forum Announcement
  2. One-Time Social Media Post (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  3. Banners
    • Linked Small Banner on worldbeyblade.org index (Logo + Background).
    • Linked Small Banner inside of Beyblade Products, Bey Marketplace Forum above threads listing.
    • Total number of banners may be limited or rotated between WBO Approved Stores at our discretion.
    • Banner content cannot be changed once published.
  4. Pinned Thread in the Bey Marketplace Forum
  5. Access to posted in dedicated channel within WBO Discord
    • This channel can potentially pull announcements from your own servers' channel(s) if requested.
    • Dealers may post up to one @Country notification per month targeting the country they primarily sell to.
      • Please note that due to how Discord works, Dealers will have access to, but may not use @everyone or @here notifications for any reason. If used, Dealers may receive a warning or be removed from the program.
  6. User Account Addition to Affiliate Group (Red Username) on worldbeyblade.org
  7. Access to Posting in Affiliate News Forum
  8. Link on worldbeyblade.org Shop Page
  9. All WBO Approved Stores may privately contact Organizers of WBO Beyblade Tournaments to ask if they are open to having their event sponsored by you. As an approved store, you may bypass the rules in our Organizer's Guide which state that event sponsorships must be approved during the event approval process. *

* Please note that if you do sponsor an event, you do so at your own risk as the WBO (Fighting Spirits Inc.) does not accept any liability or responsibility for anything that may happen in relation to the event. All liability lies with the Event Organizer as is outlined by our Terms of Service.

WBO Approved Store Optional Paid Perks

WBO Approved Stores may apply to access any of the following paid perks for a flat, one-time fee to increase their exposure on worldbeyblade.org and our associated social media pages for a limited time.

Some perks may only be available to one WBO Approved Store at a time.

  1. Sponsored Giveaway (News Forum Announcement + Social Media Post)
  2. Linked Large Banner on worldbeyblade.org Footer
  3. Linked Medium Size Banner on worldbeyblade.org Index Sidebar

All banners consist of a Logo, Headline, Call to Action button, and background.

WBO Perks

  1. Monthly sponsorship fee (if approved)
  2. Send commissions earned on any sales from customers who click an affiliate link and order within 30-days.
  3. Post a clearly visible button and logo linking back to the WBO on your site homepage and product pages.

Rate, method, and distribution frequency for monthly sponsorship fee and commissions to be negotiated privately.

WBO Approved Store Requirements

  1. Open to all sellers of Beyblades produced by officially licensed distributors (ex. Takara-Tomy and Hasbro). One seller per country will be accepted.
  2. Sellers of fake Beyblade products are not permitted.
  3. Operate an online shop.
  4. Utilize affiliate commission tracking platform (ex. Refersion).
  5. Have at least 5 positive customer reviews to share with us.
  6. Assign a dedicated contact for affiliate inquiries from us (3 business days response time).
  7. Customer service response time: within 3 business days.
  8. Product shipping turnaround time: within 5 business days.

How to Apply

Applications are currently closed. Please check back later.

Terms of Service

  1. Approved dealers retain their perks in perpetuity, but we reserve the right to terminate any retailer from the program at our discretion at any time.
  2. The WBO (Fighting Spirits Inc.) will make good faith efforts to respond to inquiries from approved dealers within 5 business days, but we ask for your understanding if there are times when it may take longer. In all cases, we will attempt to keep the lines of communication open and expect the same in return based on the above WBO Approved Store Requirements.
  3. The WBO (Fighting Spirits Inc.) assumes no responsibility for any sales made on a store via links posted on our website or social media.