What happens with any money you collect?

Fighting Spirits Inc.–the corporation which manages the World Beyblade Organization–is a not-for-profit organization.

Any money we collect (ex. sponsorship fees, event entry fees, fundraisers, etc) is not taken to pay any staff members. All of the staff members are volunteers and are not currently paid anything for their work.

Rather, it gets put right back into the community in various ways. These include, but are not limited to, the following methods:

  • Paying for this site to be hosted, so that everyone can enjoy its features, its information, and its discussion platform;
  • Maintaining ownership of our domain names;
  • Paying for the development of specially designed plugins and programs to improve the website or offer new features to please our Members, such as the Rankings;
  • Purchasing awesome prizes for campaigns and giveaways;
  • Once in a while, reimbursing some costs of prizes or equipment to Organizers of tournaments;
  • Keeping some money aside for future big projects;
  • Mandatory legal costs associated with running the corporation;
  • etc.