What are those icons below people’s avatars? How do I get them?

They are what we call "Bits"!

Bits are a fun collectible activity that every member of the WBO is allowed to participate in. But what exactly are they?

List of Bits

Based on the decorative Bit Chips, Bit Protectors, Faces, and Chips used in throughout each series of Beyblade, Bits on the WBO are awards that you can receive for meeting certain requirements on the website, winning contests, earning BR in the World Beyblade Ranking System or simply by attending certain WBO events.

By clicking here you can see a list of all Bit in the WBO Bit Collection. Some of them will have hints on how to get them -- or outright tell you how to get them -- in the description. Let's look at two of them.

Gold Bit

Victors of WBO tournaments will be awarded with this Bit.

This one is pretty straightforward! If you get First Place in a WBO-sanctioned tournament, you'll receive the Gold Bit!

Now, let's look at something a bit more vague ...
Lapis Lazuli Bit

A gift to Bladers who share their knowledge with the world.

Hmm, what could this mean? Perhaps it's given to writers for Beyblade Wiki!

Bit Boosters are packages that contain a random Bit from a specific series. There are loads of ways to get them, like winning contests, donating to the WBO, or participating in other special events.

Bits that come from Bit Boosters have three rarities: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. There are also some Bits even rarer than that, but how to get them is unknown. Getting a Bit Booster is hard enough, but if you get a Rare Bit, you're really lucky!

There is no list available of which Bits come in which Bit Boosters, so the only way to know is to watch what other people get from them and see if you can find any pattern! Best of luck getting the Bits you want!

Collect as many Bits as you can to show the world of Bladers just how great you are, and have fun!

Note: At this time all Bits are awarded manually by staff, so there may be some that we are unable to award. We hope to introduce an automated system in the future, so please stay tuned for that!