Community Rules

Thank you for visiting the WBO community! Before posting, we ask you to read these rules. It's not that long or complicated and it will keep you out of trouble, and make everyone's experience more enjoyable.


Before posting a new thread, ask yourself: is my post interesting or informative in any way? If it is, go ahead and post it. If not, don't; it will probably be closed. Make sure that you give it a nice, descriptive title and that you post it in the correct forum!

Before posting a new reply in a thread, ask yourself: does my reply contribute to this conversation in any way? If it does, go ahead and post it. If not, don't, or you could get in trouble.

If you're making a post, it should have some content. Meaningless posts aren't OK, nor are one-liners like, "cool!" "LOL" etc. Images are also one-liners. Essentially, keep this in mind: only post if you have something to say.

This is a message board, not a chat room. Posting here is a group activity and you shouldn't be bouncing posts back and forth with another user. Use Private Messages for that.

Be polite to other members; treat members here how you would like to be treated.


The following is not permitted in the WBO community:

Racist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language
Profanity (we'll just replace it with "carp")
Political discussion
Religious discussion
Sexual discussion
Discussion of drugs and other illegal activity


The limit for signatures is 500x200 pixels.
The limit for avatars is 120x120 pixels.

Avatars and signatures must only contain material that is either official, such as screenshots, or fanart for which permission to use was acquired from the original artist. If this cannot be achieved, then you should not use that fanart.

Signatures and avatars that do not adhere to these rules or are otherwise disruptive to the community will be removed without notice, with the possibility of warning being applied against your account.


The WBO operates a warning system. For each infraction you will receive a warning on your account, depending on the severity of the infraction.

30-50% is a 24 hour suspension.
60% is a 7-day suspension.
90% is a 30-day suspension.
100% will ban your account from the site permanently.

If you do something that is clearly meant as a violation that defies rules, you can be banned permanently and immediately.


Certain forums will have rules that are specific to them. Look carefully at the top of each forum to check for rules!


Finally, respect the WBO Committee members at all times. They work for the WBO and their authority here is absolute. Please follow their directions at all times and listen to what they say; they earned their position for a reason.