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Full Version: Whats your favourite Beyblade song ?
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I like Rise above the storm, never gonna take me down and even all across the nation...all of them have a nice beat
spinning the world makes me act like a beyblade........(note to self dont do that in public)
Wait is this like a song from the series or a song which we think would be good to listen to while beyblading?
(May. 08, 2011  6:41 AM)RowDog Wrote: [ -> ]Wait is this like a song from the series or a song which we think would be good to listen to while beyblading?

We discuss the Beyblade songs we listen. Like theme songs of MFB, V-Forve, etc.
mine is lets beyblade
1st. Let it Rip (Ego Massive is that correct?)
2nd. Hang On (Prefer the English over German though)
3rd. Round after Round

Just gotta love them Tongue_out
Rise above the storm, best EVER beyblade song.
Swing low, Switch Blade and Rise Above The Storm
Switchblade is beast. I love the beat to the song.
Mine is 'All Across the Nation'. It has the best music and it matches my beystory.
In is swing hi swing low.
"Hang on" is my favorite hands down
Either Swing Low or Rise Above the Storm. They've both got catchy lyrics and good rhythm.
switchblade and all across the nation rule. the old songs are so much better than the metal fusion ones
I also like swing low and rise above the storm. Their just good
It would have to be Underdog, Hikari Kagayaku, or Let's Beyblade.
I would go w/ all across the nation, swing low, round round, switch blade, and under dog
IDK About the name, but


LOL sorry for n00bieness, but I had to do that, and answer the question. I love the corny-ness, which is why it's funny.
Underdog and Switchblade
My favorite is Let it rip!
U can download this song at BEYBLADEBATTLES.COM.
IceburnPOSTPOSTPOSTWordsDumb RimshotRimshot
Rise above the storm FTW!!!!!!!! Cant get enough of it, i play it while battling and customising too!
All across the nation, Lets Beyblade and The Metal Fusion 1 ( i forget wat its called )
Swing Low FTW!
my song would be all across the nation, never gonna take me down, and of course let's go beybladers!!!
That last page was just all SPAM T_T
You're suppose to tell us why you like that song. We don't care what song you like, we care about why you like it.
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