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Full Version: Whats your favourite Beyblade song ?
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Off the Chain. My absolute favorite, even over underdog.
Oh actually, I change mine. Pokemon - Unbeatable. If you imagine the lyrics are about Beyblade, then it's a Beyblade song. Try it, it's not hard.
(Jun. 01, 2010  8:36 AM)DarkAries Wrote: [ -> ]mine is all across the nation to

Wow, This one is a lot different than the other Beyblade songs but it's a really good one! This is my second favorite Beyblade song! Number one being "Go Ahead~Bokura no Jidai e".
all across the nation
Go Ahead, Galaxy Heart, and Oozora wo koete yuke
every one excluding swicth blade but underdawg is up THERE
I'd have to say I'm Not Going Down, Underdog those songs are the ones I've always had stuck in my head
heavyweight generation beyblade and the metal fight opening
For MFB, I like the Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion opening, it's much more catchy than the first one. The American is cheesy and inferior as always.
i like always be in the game and never gunna take me down
Generation Beyblade, Never Gonna Take me Down, and All Across the Nation.
They're all so corny and I love them!
Rise above the storm! FTW!! Smile
I like Rise Above The Storm
I really like Rise Above The Storm I even sang it and put on youtube
Which is you favourite MFB theme song? I personally like Galaxy heart better than Metal heart,and Brave Heart. Galaxy heart I think is way more catchier than the others.What is yours?
I quickly listened to all the beyblade songs again, the only one I didn't much care for is Underdog
(Jun. 01, 2010  8:08 AM)momiji manju Wrote: [ -> ]swing low. it's badass 8]

(Jun. 01, 2010  8:56 PM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]Swing Low and Go Ahead (Motoko Kumai)

(Jun. 01, 2010  10:16 PM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]definitely beyblade theme song and swing low.

They know what's up Cool

Only one person said Switchblade :0 It's a good song with good lyrics.
Mine is all across the nation. It has a cool beat
Switchblade and Swing Low. I've been listening to them all morning Cool
My favorites are Underdog, Swing Low, Rise above the storm, All across the nation & Hang on.

There are my most favorite songs...Joyful_2
I just can't get enough of Swing low, Switchblade, Rise Above The Storm and I'm Not Going Down. they are just too EPIC
Galaxy Heart, Brave Heart/Kokori no Yuki, Spinning The World, Always Be In The Game.
never underestimate switch blade or rise above the storm cause Im not going down
The Metal Fight Beyblade theme songs.

If we're talking about the past Beyblade songs, here's my top 3:
All across the nation
Rise above the storm
Round after Round
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