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Full Version: Whats your favourite Beyblade song ?
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Oh... I like All Across The Nation because all ur theme songs are like Chugginton Chugga Chugga Chugga, where as this has a bit of rock in it, the only other show that has full on rock is Dragon Ball Z. Lets Beyblade in my opinion sounds really good, and Let It Rip, this is the only song that i can remember from any of the shows ( that i didnt hav to look up from utube )
Well, the theme song was pretty cool. But, my favorite is Swing Low (just sounds awesomely awesome).
I like the MFB theme
(Jul. 07, 2011  11:41 PM)LeoneFreak Wrote: [ -> ]I like the MFB theme
(Jul. 07, 2011  7:27 PM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ]That last page was just all SPAM T_T
You're suppose to tell us why you like that song. We don't care what song you like, we care about why you like it.
This was just 3 posts pefore yours.....

WOW just wow. Speechless

I love Beyblade All Across the Nation (I LIKE MOST OF THE SONGS)
but this is my favourite especially because there is quite a lot of different lyrics and it kinda puts an image in my head about Beyblading All Across the Nation. lol
I like the beat to the new let it rip song but I do like all across the nation
1. Never gonna take me down
2. Rise above the storm
3. Always be in the game
The beyblade songs are better than the modern "music" these days.
Rise Above the storm :3
mine is let it rip
all across the nation, switchblade and switchblade
Never gonna take me down
Mine has to be Rise Above the Storm. I agree with Beyniac, these songs outrun all of the modern garbage people listen to.
1. Im Not Going Down
2. All Across The Nation
3. Round And Round Heavyweight Generation
4. Beyblade theme song
5. Switchblade
6. Rise Above The Storm
(Jun. 10, 2010  2:34 AM)beyGrade Wrote: [ -> ]my fav is probably swing lowCute

Me too. Swing Low is like my theme song
Lawl. People actually like the Metal Fusion rap songs? (No offense, hah).

For me, it'd probably be:
  • I'm Not Going Down
  • Switchblade
  • Rise Above The Storm
  • Go Ahead (Bakuten Shoot OST)
  • Takao's Theme (1)
  • Kai's Theme (1)
i like the Japanese theme songs to beyblade like Fighting Spirits from system-B and Off the Chains by Toss & Turn and Go Ahead by Motoko Kumai man those songs are amazing
Just out of curiosity, did they ever end up making any songs for Beyblade metal fusion, etc? excluding the theme song. I've only watched up to episode 16 or something from the first series, so I have no idea.
My favorite songs from Beyblade are:
1.Beyblade MFBE Spinning the World.
2.Beyblade MFB 4D Opening Theme.
3.Old Beyblade Theme.
Underdog is the most boss in my opinion. After that the list is this:
Let it Rip
Rise Above the Storm
then everything else.
Off the Chain
The original dub theme for Beyblade
Rise above the storm
Never gonna take me down
All across the nation
That song that played at the final moments with all the characters of the japanese version of G-Revolution what was it called?
(Aug. 31, 2012  2:49 AM)beybladefoever Wrote: [ -> ]mine is let it rip

Best song ever
Mine would be
.Underdog (I was the one at my first tournament and I stole some peoples thunder)
.I'm not going down

Yeah to me those are the best.
Hmmm... my favorites are a little different from all the rest of you guys.

Spinning the World
Galaxy Hearts
MFB 4D Opening

All of them being the full/extended versions Smile
My faves are the jap version of the MFB opening and I'm not going down. Both frickin awesome. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD XD XD
favorite OST is the one they always play when somebody is about to get serious. but i like all of them
No offense but are you joking or being serious (I say that in all seriousness)? Have you even seen the original beyblade? Not trying to be rude, just askin. Anyway, I've been watching beyblade more, and I like Round after Round a lot more now for some reason. So-
1. Never Gonna Take Me Down
2. Round after Round
3. Rise Above the Storm
The original's songs are so good Grin
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