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Full Version: Whats your favourite Beyblade song ?
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Never watched the original Beyblade (not a fan of the art style), but I like Rise Above The Storm
the OP for Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion was pretty good too, actually
Hang On is the best, the first half is my bio.
ALL of them ARE my FAVOURITE! But i like Swing Low the best
(Apr. 25, 2014  11:32 AM)Maximum Dranzer Wrote: [ -> ]ALL of them ARE my FAVOURITE! But i like Swing Low the best

Swing low is my favorite too.
Never gonna take me down
If the Metal Saga also counts I like the Metal Fusion Theme Song best
(Jun. 01, 2010  1:28 AM)qweqweqweqw Wrote: [ -> ]Hey everyone just wanted to no what your favourite beyblade song is out of all of them. My favourite song is all across the nation.

My favorite beyblade Song is Kokoro no Yuki
I like all the songs but I'm Not Going Down is my favorite.
My favorites are Swing Low and Rise Above The Storm!
My Favorite is Rise Above The Storm
That opening was amazing. Best way to let off the Anime.
Fighting Spirits is a CLOSE #2.
I'm not Going Down, Rise Above the Storm, and the theme song! ^3^
nemesis battle theme without a doubt. just so epic, anyone want to make vocals for that song cause that would rock.
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