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Full Version: [Grand Rapids, MI, 8/18/12] Summers Last Blast
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So no Blaziken or PCC?
, Target on Alpine.
Hey Coach,

Dragoon HFG can come.
I will let you guys know on Thursday if i can pick up Blaze and PattyCake.
(Aug. 13, 2012  2:56 AM)DaWRETCHED-one Wrote: [ -> ]I will let you guys know on Thursday if i can pick up Blaze and PattyCake.

Thanks DaWRETCHED-One! If not thank you for the thought! I still don't know if I am free or not but I will definitely try and make it. Smile If you can just have PANAsher text me the details.
my idiot brother will be there
, you know what he has to do. Or you can do it on his behalf as well. Make things right.

Ok I got my shipment of launchers and they are the Dark ones not the light greys from 121 which are pictured but they are completely NIP. and a few of them are still up for grabs! remember you CAN'T get these from Hasbro: Vari Ares D: D (with functioning Defensive/Attack mode), Phantom Orion B: D. L-Drago Destroy F: S and the B: D has become an early pic for a top tier bottom in the Zero-G attack stadium.

On that note if anybody is interested in doing the Zero-G format let me know! I only have 1 stadium and I'm not a huge fan of the strategies used although I have realized there are strategies but I highly suggest if you don't have 4-D or Zero-G beys you stay out of this format because weight is a major factor and the fusion/masters beys are like a pinball in this stadium. If you're interested let me know, but as of right now we are only doing a Metal Fight Beyblade Standard Format Tournament
MEEE i have my zero g stadium!
I'd stay with the normal Metal Fight Beyblade Standard Format Tournament.
I'm doing MFB for sure! the question is time limits and interest. I could add a Zero-G tournament as well but it would take a lot longer and I'd hope for fewer participants.
Sunny and high of just 69 for Saturday! So no worries bout sweating this one out! Come to have fun guys!
im going with john712 and entering
Do you Guys sell Beypointers and do you give them to the winners please
No and no...
Hey Coach! If I end up making the tournament I would love to try the zero-g format. I will also bring my stadium, so we would have three! Smile
and we can ask DaWRETCHED-One to bring his if he has one i think he has one
Blitz Unicornio3 is having second thoughts... I don't know if he will come...
That's ok Cake, thanks for the update.
! I REALLY wish I knew if you were going for sure!

Ok I'm personally looking for an H145 spin track, if anybody has one I'd like to buy it from you or trade for it. I'll trade for a full Darkbull if that's what you want. Let me know if you do, and what you want, but don't turn this into a trading thread please. The threads on mine have stripped down some so I cannot tighten the facebolt all the way.
Ok Thanks guys that's taken care of, it is one of my favorite spin tracks
Another thing I'm looking for is Plastics! The G-revolution/V force beys. If you have old ones piling up dust bring em and we'll work out a deal Smile Zero-G is so expensive and you always need to buy two of each to make a decent bey so we're started to get into plastics but we didn't get into it when it first came around because of Wyatt's age obviously it was 8 years ago and he's almost 8... So if you have plastics you don't want and are willing to part with that would be cool!
Saturday will be the best
Can I come? I might come.
Yeah, I am coming.
Hey guys, not that I wouldn't love to go to this but I have family visiting from out of state. There is still a chance that I might go, but DaWRETCHED-One hasn't responded yet. Lol Hopefully I'll see you guys on Saturday!
count me in !I'll be there ready to rip!

and Moah great news.
This Tournament is going to be EPIC
We have bladers coming from 4 states, MI, Ohio, Indiana, and now Illinois! I can't wait and am very excited!
Detroit - Holland doesn't sound so big of a deal anymore when we have Ohio-Chicago now! this is good, real good. Hope the WBO is noticing whats going on in the Great Lakes.
This is pretty monumental, has to be some sort or record for anything other than Beydays!
OK, just got the OK from Blitz Unicornio3 and jakequetz3! They will be coming!


EDIT: I just got smacked in the head by Blitz. XD LOL
I'll be there. Thanks.
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