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Full Version: [Grand Rapids, MI, 8/18/12] Summers Last Blast
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, Haaa I know you just love Michigan's metagame! I believe Diablo Nemesis used his phantom pretty much the whole tournament as well as Archer used Saramander Saramander quite a bit. I had just beat a Flash combo with my Diablo where there were some major hard Jo's and was feeling good about it. I did not know what Diablo Nemesis was using before I battles him but I lost 2-3 w a self KO in there. Like I aside my CS was fresh more like an RF. Then I lost to Saramander Saramander with my Saramander Phoenic, I had some launcher issue but also got KO'd twice which surprised me with the testing I've done at home Phoenic worked great on Saramander to KO its opponents.... that's what I know of I should have used my favorite Flash Orion and I might have come in first....
This tournament has now had all Faces and Credits awarded. Congratulations all!
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