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Full Version: [Grand Rapids, MI, 8/18/12] Summers Last Blast
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I can't wait! I'm only using my Dad's combos this time. I'm going to win!
I'm ready to judge again, or just run the computer seeing it doesn't look like to many people are signed up yet. Maybe I get to video some battles then Smile
I'll try to go but grand rapids is sooooo far away. I have to go on a plane on Sunday so I might not have enough sleep
That would be awesome of you could make it! I know PCC wants to come too.
Coach I got to go to camp tommarow but I'll ask mt mom about panasher when I come back does dawenched know that I might bring him
(Jul. 30, 2012  1:50 AM)Yuko Ray14 Wrote: [ -> ]Coach I got to go to camp tommarow but I'll ask mt mom about panasher when I come back does dawenched know that I might bring him
Not that I know of, I did mention it to PANAsher though. I'm thinking DaWRETCHED will try to get in on that ride then too! haaaaahaaaaa
I might come...but i dont know you need money
Yes, The entry fee is $5 And a Passport is $10 (A passport gets you into any tournament free for a whole year)
But if you want a passport please get it before the day of the tournament
(Jul. 31, 2012  6:06 AM)cj2300 Wrote: [ -> ]I might come...but i dont know you need money
Standard WBO fees $5 for entry, $10 for passport.
If you're getting a blader passport please get it before the tournament if possible.

Guys ALL the info, including a link to the rules in on the Original Post. Please read the original post and please read up on the rules. I will go over the rules before the event.

Also If you're coming please post in the thread! Depending on the amount of bladers and amount of Judges there can be a cut off. So if you just show up and we don't have enough judges to handle the amount of bladers, you will be out of luck! Sorry. We need to know. You need to have an account! You need to respond! If you're a possible, and know you're coming comment so I can change your status, Thank you!
Maybe, but next time could you maybe put it closer to Indiana?
I my go i will see text if I can

I may go but fear you will have you my not what to try but I you do I'm coming for you 👊👿👍[/quote]
Master, man I really hope you can make one of my tournaments I know you've been trying! Where in Indiana are you from? Cake is coming up from Warsaw just outside of Fort Wayne from my understanding.

that would be great, all the way from Ohio?

Remember everybody make sure you let me know when you know you can make it for sure, and also those who haven't commented let me know if you're going to try!
What dose that mean??????
Coach, I'm from Osceola/ Elkhart. My mom says I have a higher chance of going if it's closer. Cause she dosen't want to drive 2-3 hours and theres no tournament. She comes up with all kinds of stuff.
Lol sorry man. If you come there will be a tournament haaaaa that's classic. But I have very good turnouts here so there and not many people come from down that way so it makes no sense in moving it so I have a further drive to some park I've never been to
count me in
i cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can't wait for the tournament
Glad you guys are coming! I'll add you to the list Diablo
MBM ARE IN!!! P.S would are are going to get if you guys still have it 2x red string launcher we will take that if there any available same with the orange bb10 and thief Phoenic E230 GCF and like i said if any are available
I will try my best to attend!
could you get your whole team to post so I get your names right. The BB-10 is claimed I just haven't updated it... Thief Phoenic is yours. And the launchers are the light grey ones no red ones if you want.
sounds good hope you can make it.
Wish i could attend but i cant
good luck to everyone
Dude what do you mean you wish you could come, the tournament's in Grand Rapids MI, your in Jersey city, according to your profile.
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