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Full Version: Salamander Ifraid : SYNCHROM - New Customizability of Beyblade Zero-G
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What if the prongs are reinforced with CHUCK NORRIS!? U JUST GOT PWNED. But really, if we're concerned about launcher prongs breaking, what if they are reinforced with metal to make sure weigh isn't a problem? Why would TT just slap some plastic prongs on the launchers, knowing about the weight, and be like, "Ready to ship out!"? It sounds like something Hasbro would do.
Hopefully, the Zero G system has more customisable aspects than MFB.
Thanks Kai-V!
Def. gonna buy at some point Gasp
@ KaizerMFB
(Mar. 15, 2012  3:32 AM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: [ -> ]Samurai Ifraid
Shinobi Salamander
Samurai Salamander
Shinobi Ifraid
Ifraid Salamander
Salamander Ifraid
Samurai Shinobi
Shinobi Samurai

And that is only with the 1st 2 releases...

Did I say we had alot of work ahead of us? Correction: We have a carp load of work ahead of us

Yeah, I'm sure there will be customibility.
Lolz, good job TT, Hopefully you don't let us down with this new-fangled Synchrom......
In relation to the imbalanced weight distribution aspect of Synchrom, if you just plopped Ifraid on Ifraid, or Salamander on Salamander, wouldn't that cancel out all of the Bey's imbalance?
Not quite, no. The weight over any particular point might be equal to that across from it, but it's still not going to be anything like a properly balanced wheel because vertically it won't be even.
Wait, what? Can you say that in English, please?
...he said that in perfectly clear and understandable English. The most complicated word he used was "vertically"...

In any event, "one side's weight would be higher up than the other", if it really was that hard to grasp.
Do you take everything so literally? I meant can he say it in stupid people terms. The most fancy science word I know is 'centrifugal'.
I assume that when someone posts something, they are doing it for a reason. The reason struck me as odd, so I indicated it.

Then I acquiesced to the post regardless of the reason. I knew very well what you were asking, which as you may notice, is why I gave a simplified explanation of an already extremely simple post.
I'm giving up. You win. And I didn't see the last part until after seeing this last post of yours. Ok, so the weight would STILL be different weighs on different sides?
The weight would be the same, if you were to actually weigh it, but the positioning of the weight would be uneven, which is the important part.
I must admit I had trouble communicating the intended meaning of my post as simply or specifically as I would like, but yeah, what Hazel just said is exactly what I meant to say.

I am not particularly great at physics or physics terminology myself, haha.
What's ironic is I was in my town's gifted program for science. Notice the 'was'. But anyhow, has it been confirmed that Synchrom is for all Zero-G beys yet?
(Mar. 25, 2012  7:39 PM)mayaman2 Wrote: [ -> ]What's ironic is I was in my town's gifted program for science. Notice the 'was'. But anyhow, has it been confirmed that Synchrom is for all Zero-G beys yet?

There are only two Zero-G Beyblades out at the moment. What do you think ?
No... there are confirmed others. Pirates Orjia much?
(Mar. 25, 2012  11:52 PM)mayaman2 Wrote: [ -> ]No... there are confirmed others. Pirates Orjia much?

You mean the beys of which we have no information about other than tentative translations and small sketches?
Let me just go grab my crystal ball...

I like the flexibility of this series a lot, but the idea of SYNCHROM slightly bothers me. As others have said, it might end up dominating the metagame (at first, at least) because of the weight. I'm just trying to figure out what Takara-Tomy was thinking when they decided on this....

Sorry for the slight speculation, but the only possible drawbacks to SYNCHROM I can think of are poor endurance (from gaps and uneven weight distribution) and recoil (from the lack of shock-absorbing plastic).

Perhaps that is a fair enough trade-off for the extreme weight...?
Ever heard of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's?

Think about it =P
Yes, Synchro Summoning or Synchro Monsters, don't really have to think about it really.
And like JBlader said, I think that Synchrom combos won't entirely dominate unless we see how much recoil these beyblades might have and how the weight distribution will affect them.
Honestly, from the look of the BBG-13 bey, Metal Stone Face BBG13Bey BBG13Bey whateverdefenseworks is going to be more than a little dangerous.
Haha, twice the circle, oh noez!
With all seriousness though, that could dominate immensely...
But in that Zero G stadium, probably not(?) Wink
TT is obsessed with circles, though. They are seriously overdoing it now. But well, buyers must be content. :\
Circles being good is something I doubt will ever change, though of course they will require weight.
True, but probably their shape may not do much in this wobbly stadium I guess?
Its actually a "fun thing" for us low-budget bladers for TT to release such circular (which are of course quite overpowered) parts (that's why I said buyers must be content). But well...
Moreover, weight won't matter in Zero G, thanks to Synchrom. Ifraid and Salamander would hardly be 30g each. Look at Synchrom. They add up to become 61g.
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