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Full Version: Salamander Ifraid : SYNCHROM - New Customizability of Beyblade Zero-G
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(Mar. 14, 2012  1:22 AM)Brood Wrote: [ -> ]I think its synchro + chrome to make it "Synchrome".

It might be, but as always I will have to wait to see it written in English first, hah.
Hopefully it won't be *Engrish, haha.
The name Synchrome sounds very appealing. A clever name!
Interesting news seems to be pouring in today! Thank you, Kai-V and Brood! The WBO should have a team of translators to quickly translate CoroCoro pages.

Sometimes TT tries not to use Engrish. The result is words like "Metal Flame" instead of "Metal Frame".
This seems very interesting. Im ready to get my hands on this now.
Only thing that concerns me is the weight. I wonder if this will weigh more then 4D
If Zero-G was looking for a way to up the ante even more, this was the way to do it.

Mode changes in beys are pointless, unless it is a multi directional beyblade., which is sadly still one aspect left out of Zero-G...still, the amount of testing we will have to do on these is incredible, and on top of that, we will have to account for the retesting of every single track and tip released up until this point for Zero-G...we have alot of work ahead of us...
Definitely. I was thinking the other day that every track and bottom article should have a section for Zero-G.
(Mar. 14, 2012  3:28 AM)Dark_Mousy Wrote: [ -> ]This seems very interesting. Im ready to get my hands on this now.
Only thing that concerns me is the weight. I wonder if this will weigh more then 4D

That's one of my questions as well. I guess it depends on how "thin" a Thin Chrome wheel is...
why do i get the feeling somewhere sometime someones gonna use these and conduct a mad scientist experiment making hybrids of wheels (assuming more are done) and then pwning everyone....still cool concept
I actually think Ifraid Salamander is possible come to think of it. There are 2 "studs" to hold the track in position on both crystal wheel and chrome wheel on both beys so I guess it is possible by turning the wheel upside down.

It also saids Thin Chrome with Theif Pheonic !! at the ledge of the page.So Thin chrome is a verb tense.
This gimmick has got me considerably more interested than I was previously... illegal metal frame/core matching from 4D, except legal and intended...

Yeah, that's what I love about it. What we couldn't do in 4D seems like it will be possible in Zero-G.
Okay, wow, that's awesome. Though, the double MW thing will be dangerous in terms of weight, unless they're all pretty light as they come. In which case, it's kind of like buying two halves of a 4d wheel separately, good for sales but bad for my wallet.

Still really cool though.
This is the second thing that keep me interest on this Series. Honestly, I have not been liking it. But this Thin Chrome combination is so cool. It is a little bit confusing though
I see very little point in the plastic part though, other than perhaps replacing bd145 if it scrapes in the new stadiums, and even then, I'd imagine extra weight would be more useful for defense in these anyway.

Still, the metal customization is cool, it basically replaces cw choice with something that actually has a noticeable effect on the combinations performance.

But yeah I see myself needing a container for all the spare plastic parts, TT should sell one, haha.
I was thinking about crsytal wheel over crystal wheel but I realized there s a HUGE stud(probably the jewel part) on it.It bould be literily impossible unless theres a hole to fit that in.
Wow, that is SO SO SO cool! Well, I wasn't really interested in this Zero G series, but seemingly, this thing has forced me to like it.

So, in a way, this is a more advanced form of 4D, where we get two different halves of the metal wheel separately, and then we combine it to make one MW!
Awesome idea, TT! This way, people would actually strive to buy more and more Zero G! I seriously salute TT for this!

This will certainly make customization a more complex issue, and will also add a lot of variety to it...
I hope it doesn't get too tough, or I'll have to leave the Build Me a Combo thread. Speechless
I am happy that the naming system has remained similar to MFB, or the names of combos would have been very long...

Not to mention that maybe we may get more versatility to things. For example, currently, Duo on a tall track is KOed quite easily. Now if we get wheel that is as good as Duo, and we get another wheel which excels at taking hits from below, that would be extraordinary! Grin

On an extremely rare occasion, maybe we may get into certain situations, where we may compare it to Burning Kerberous' AR, or what we expected out of Diablo before its release. Different contact points might add to recoil, and the old adage- "The jack of all trades and a master of none", may come into the scene.
Then again, here we may change the metal wheels we use above and/or below, so such a situation may not occur for sure.

All in all, quite impressed with whatever's happening, and looking forward for more!
At first i thought Zero-G would be a shamless shallow continuation of the MFB HWS but now i see that its taken the concept one step beyond going as far as making Hybrids, with this we can assume a bunch more combinations in terms of species rather than being limited to a CW I.E Bull, Aquario, Kerbecs,ETC. with this we can see a bright future for beyblading
(Mar. 14, 2012  5:41 AM)Brood Wrote: [ -> ]It also saids Thin Chrome with Theif Pheonic !! at the ledge of the page.So Thin chrome is a verb tense.

It is Thief Fennec, a Random Booster prize.
Well if it is a thin chrome wheel, couldn't you create something like Shinobi Fennec, or Thief Salamander?
It is confirmed to be SYNCHROM, without an 'e', just to bother everybody, hah.

(Let me know if you cannot view the images, because I really suspect there will still be issues with that site, as usual.)

Each Chrome (Chrom hah ?) Wheel apparently has a big protrusion in its underside that, when mixed with another Chrome Wheel, fills the hole where the plastic crystal is supposed to be.

So, if Ifraid has this by default, I suppose all Chrome Wheels are able to do Synchrom. However, that means that all Chrome Wheels will have to be flat underneath, and none of them could have sides that hang downwards like Leone ... You lose some but you win some.
*sings* page not found!

LOL, aside from that, this is coo. Instead of all gimmick 4D, now we can mix n match different parts to create different contact points!

Me gusta.
Here are the pictures then :

[Image: synchrom01.jpg]

[Image: synchrom02.jpg]

These cannot be reproduced, and I am pasting them here simply because for some reason the links never work for some people while they always work for me.
GAWD! Those faces are long! Thank you for the pictures Kai-V.
You are the chosen one, that's why they only work for you! /cliche remark

Anyways, thanks for the update Kai-V!
Wow, that's nice!Does this mean that certain chrom wheels can only be fixed above, and not below or vice versa.
Or can they be fixed either way? :s
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