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Full Version: BeyWheelz Anime Side Series
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They're in the background, but they sure as hell look like printed colors with half the color missing.

Even for a background they look faded.
haha hasbro is just trying to look cool because they replace S's with Z's.
Nah, it's because they ripped this off of the Flywheelz toy line, which also has a 'Z' in it.
Hm, the toy images seem to come from ToyQueen's report of the New York Toy Fair, but there is this actual commercial for BeyWheelz on YouTube, from which the image of the characters was taken. Because yes, credit is due.

I really, truly hope that there are none of those real-life "battle scenes" in the anime ... Hasbro's odd commercials almost hint at that ...
Hahaha, no I don't think the real life battles will be in the show! It was just like, "Also a new Show!" as if to just mention something extra, that's all
Oh wow, imagine them trying to make an "epic battle" out of wheels and ramps. Pinching_eyes_2
Oh no! I can just see where this is going to go... V_V; *Facepalm* Hasbro is something else, that's for sure.
Oh, I missed this thread!
Well, truly, all this seems quite weird to me... With just 13 episodes, it has simply no time to have a full-fledged series... And with SO MANY characters they have made (or copied), I think they'll actually simply end up introducing all characters, and then all would have a Battle Royale in some dilapidated stadium(or maybe an enlarged Destroyer Dome), and the grown up Yuki would win... Series ends. Tired

But well, they are doing this in a hope of promoting the side-series of course... Lets see how this pulls off, as even if this series sucks, it will certainly pull in kids who- "Want da bay blade spin ning inside mah TV"....

Well, it might as well be an intelligent move for marketing their stuff...
They know how epic was the failure of their XTS...
Once again, I'd like to point out, a huge chunk of anime is 13 episodes. From the concept alone this should tell you it isn't your average Beyblade show.
True... I wonder how this would be, though... Not really looking forward to it, but yeah!

I really don't know as much as To, but I truly wonder how the concept of this series may be, that 13 episodes will be enough for it... And for this one thing, I.e. to know the concept, I seriously look forward to this. :p
HAH. Hasbro ads are crazy. I will never understand what bikes and weird rap music has to do with Beyblade. The Beywheels look bad in the ad. Imagine real life. LOL. Although I think a lot of people will buy this,though.
Seriously, introducing about fifteen characters in a thirteen-episode show ... They care little about character development, and as such the story will probably be poor.
Let's be honest though, does the general Beyblade anime ever care about character development outside of the main cast? I haven't been keeping track of MFB, but Bakuten had that problem where only 2 members of any given team would have any kind of back story that doesn't directly relate to another team member.
At least they came back during other seasons and the way they interacted gave them character because there was drama once in a while. Even that cannot be established in thirteen episodes.
Ugh, missed the news, haha.
Wow, those characters look like..

please make them go away
(Mar. 14, 2012  10:47 PM)Raigeko13 Wrote: [ -> ]Ugh, missed the news, haha.
Wow, those characters look like..

please make them go away

That's what I was thinking, but too a slightly lesser extent because I'm nice.

One of the characters looks like she's wearing Madoka's outfit. This series just pours originality!
I am actually really exited for this, but it has nothing to do with me expecting any sort of quality in terms of story and characters.
I just found myself having a soft spot for terrible spin-offs.
The 'z' at the end alone is an indication that we will at least have something to laugh.

I really don't think we should take this little series all that seriously and just let it come and see what there is to get out of it.

(... I will probably love the terribly characters anyway and overinterpret forever, but that's me.)
(Mar. 14, 2012  10:22 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]At least they came back during other seasons and the way they interacted gave them character because there was drama once in a while. Even that cannot be established in thirteen episodes.

Yes, that is just what I meant. Smile

@To- Well, every character in the MFB anime had quite a bit of episodes to his/her name. Each character had at least one episode dedicated to it. Other episodes depicted the interaction between the new character which has been introduced, and the already introduced characters.

In this anime though, however hard Nelvana and (?) tries, the series of events in the anime cartoon (as its gonna be produced exclusively in the USA) would look too rushed... :\

There may have been many animes spanning only for 13 episodes (I do not see animes quite often, so I don't know which animes had just 13 episodes), but they probably might have lesser number of characters, or the story of the anime itself didn't need much attention; i.e, here in Beyblade, every character interacts, and then they become friends/enemies, and then they battle. The animes which you talk about might not have such a long series of events...

Aaand, I don't think that most of the characters in this BeyWheelz Cartoon would have a minor role to play...
There is a reason as to why they are on the main cover, you know... Smile
honestly i really want to c this to so i can c if i like it i mean it may not be as bad as most of u think
Well, there can be a lot of characters and development in 13 episodes. The style is just different from Beyblade and similar anime. Instead of introducing them one-by-one, lesser episode anime give us a start situation in which the characters already are in some kind of plot together. It takes the first episode to explain that and the rest to give extra information and fill holes. The characters act as a set most of the time and it does indeed work out like that.
More than 13 important characters probably wouldn't work though, if you want to keep an eye on them all.

I agree that it seems a little bit much for BeyWheelz though, but it IS possible to write a plot around that and make some sense.
It's just not very likely in this case, seeing that in a children's series we probably will not rush through an exiting plot at high speed and have the 'no idea what's going on, but it was awesome, must rewatch and understand it'-moment later.
(Mar. 15, 2012  2:13 PM)rockleone7778 Wrote: [ -> ]honestly i really want to c this to so i can c if i like it i mean it may not be as bad as most of u think

Please take your sweet time to type 'S-E-E'.

This series is probably going to jinx, I hope to dear god it doesn't.

Correct. There can be development of characters in 13 episodes, but I don't expect it to happen in this...
The style may be different from the original anime, yes. And that is just what I am interested in- The Concept. Should it be different from the anime, and should Nelvana have created a plot to adapt to the short number of episodes, great.

The last part of your post is what we have been saying. Smile
It will be too rushed for comfort.

Should the plot be similar to what you say; i.e. a Prologue-like beginning, and a story revolving around that "Prologue" to "fill the holes", that will be an intelligent way to present the series. But again, it has its downsides too. Whatever they show as a Prologue, must be justifiable in a short span of 10(or less, but lesser than this would look rushed, IMO...) episodes. But there are 13 episodes, why do I say 10? As we know, the "Prologue"(which uses up one episode) chosen should neither be the beginning, nor the end. So 10 episodes to explain the scenario which ultimately leads to a situation depicted in the Prologue, followed by two episodes for the end.

Eh, too much of speculation, I guess. Tongue_out

- Hasbro's already got success. They wanted this anime to advertise this new stuff, and they have already got a person who is going to 'c' the anime, and already has optimistic ideas about it. Tongue_out
Not only is this anime probably going to be not to good, but the Beywheelz themselves are absolut junk.The battles end Extremely quick.:L
Yeah, I don't see how you could make a fifteen minute battle with wheels going up carpramps.
Also, midget tobio XD
(Mar. 13, 2012  3:03 AM)Imperial Wrote: [ -> ]This video includes a picture with probably all the main characters.

A lot of the characters look like copies, such as Madoka, Benkei, Hikaru, Kenta and Kyouya.

The video also has other new pictures.

The BeyWheelz have the same motifs, like Bull, Pegasus, Phoenix and Perseus, but with more of a rough image.

no these character look like wannabe bakugan characters they look so Bland and ridiculous Sagittario_Worried
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