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Full Version: [London, UK, Regents Park, 15/10/11] The Autumn Battle Bash!
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It's time for another UK tournament! This will be held on the 15 of October!
That's right, another tournament, this time held by myself and Hell Kid!
My co-host won't be participating as he isn't up to it, but he will help with the judging and sorting out the groups.

Specific info:

When: 15th of October 11:30AM until it finishes.
If you do not turn up after 11:30AM there is a chance you won't be able to take part and your place will be given to someone else!

Where: Regents Park Bandstand

Directions to the bandstand:
If you don't know this by now you can find the directions here -

Map of the Park -

Tournament Format: Standard MFB
Block Round Robin / Double Elimination -
(Event Guide - )

This is the WBO universal format rule book (READ IT, if not already)-

The regular price is £3
Or free If you have purchased a Blader Passport,
which is available to buy on the day for £6

Credit to Blitz for format.

You can only go on the attendance list if you are 120% sure you can come!
Remember if a parent/s is bringing you to the tournament to let them know that the times may vary!

Confirmed Attendees: Block Round Robin.
ControL_s SouL_
Hell Kid
= 22

You posted this in the wrong place?

I guess it will get moved then.

I still have your stadium, and I will be bringing mine for free play.

As usual I will bring all the knee padding and matts.
I'm in. Also the when bit lists the wrong date.
You put my name twice! Anyways glad to see this got approved!
me must be on da list lool
put me as maybe :p
I've updated the OP and fixed the minor problems.
i can come Smile
I Can come Put me down !!!!
put me on the list im coming
Im coming!
You have a co-host? Hell kid's the co-host?
could you put me down pls
I'm in.
im joining. Put as coming.
Is the limit 24? Since that's the max your allowed for BRR.
Well, if Kai-V allows it, then fine, but for now, there is no limit but we are currently in the block round robin area.
If there is no limit then you can't do BRR unless 24 or less people turn up. Otherwise we have to do DE.
im coming!!!!
It's BRR since the numbers are currently under 24. If numbers go over, it's DE.
I can come
Sign me up please
Hey Control_s_Soul, i think you should put the London, UK selling thread in the OP since most people don't know it exists.
can I use a rev up launcher?
(Oct. 05, 2011  10:22 AM)cyberbull2998 Wrote: [ -> ]can I use a rev up launcher?

(Oct. 05, 2011  1:13 PM)Enzoxs Wrote: [ -> ]
(Oct. 05, 2011  10:22 AM)cyberbull2998 Wrote: [ -> ]can I use a rev up launcher?

unless is hacked o.O
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