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Full Version: [London, UK, Regents Park, 15/10/11] The Autumn Battle Bash!
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Add me to the list...
I came to one of the events last year; Cold Combat, I think it was.
i cant come sorry
BeyJun won't be coming, but i'll be a little late due to a football match in the morning, see you guys there.
Ermm i CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! i should be der around 11:00-11:30 look out for my i have a nike cardigon /jacket nike trouers and nike shoes and im wearing raulph lauren and my hair is short
Good luck today, hope it all goes well!
Todaii is my chance...... to win or at least get in the finals
Could you stop posting about how you are going to win and how you can't wait. It is kind of unnecessary. Once is enough.
i cant come today
I kinda had fun today except some one and to keep poking there nose in my buisness cough** cough** Control cough**. Well i proved him wrong so yh also who won and who got in the finals
sorry i couldnt find the tournament in regins park so i couldnt compete
Shame on YOu !!!!!!! LOOL just joking sorry dude you should looked on the map
Who won?


Omg... Sorry Control_'s Soul_, I found out I couldn't come weeks ago, but I forgot to say so. Sorry.
BlazingFire, you didn't prove anyone wrong, we have hard evidence and you'll see what happens next.
Also, it wasn't me, it was everyone that was against you, for very good reason.

Due to BlazingFire, there is a chance this tournament will be null.

However, with him out of the way,

1st - ControL_
2nd - ControL_'s SouL_
3rd - Blader247
4th - Beyhyperkiller

EDIT: It's the first time in a while I've had a clean tournament and won! It's truly a shame that something may get this unprocessed, so I look to hope it does heavily! My prize was a NIB Ray Striker, awesome.
What did BlazingFire do?
(Oct. 15, 2011  7:35 PM)Enzoxs Wrote: [ -> ]What did BlazingFire do?
Lee will say soon enough.

Did anyone film?
(Oct. 15, 2011  7:38 PM)Enzoxs Wrote: [ -> ]Did anyone film?
Film the incident? No, it would have been bad to record something like that, carry this on via PMs and Lee will post here.
Can someone at least let me know what happened in a private message as soon as possible ? It does not have to be posted here, especially if everyone who was at the event witnessed it.
What happened i am eager to know tell me now now now !!!
(i'am am talking about the incident)
Stop PMing me asking, I'm not repeating it to multiples, you'll find out soon enough and stop spamming the thread, it doesn't help if your not going to help the situation and being simply curious.
sorry a bit over excited
Had a great today! One of my best tournaments! I have been to two finals in a row so, yeah! I am quite upset about what happened, since now this tournament may not be processed into the beypoint system... and i done super well! I beg the person who has the final decision on this, to process this tourney!

But on a higher note, thanks to Control_s_Soul for organizing, thanks to HellKid for the prizes and my extra little prize for 4th (Storm Pegasis 105 CS MINT/Near MINT), thanks to LeeDraciel for keeping this thing together and solving the problem.
We will figure something out to process the tournament. Banned members can still be counted, and it will be with even more pleasure if they also lost all of their matches.
Had a fun day thanks for coming guys except someone ruined it for us all
(Oct. 15, 2011  8:09 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]We will figure something out to process the tournament. Banned members can still be counted, and it will be with even more pleasure if they also lost all of their matches.
Haha good point there. Thank God the day hadn't gone to waste.

I turned up all dressed in school uniform after an exhausting football match, thanks for the minimal laughter? Also, something quite confusing:

Phantom has two molds, easily identifiable. One has spikes pointing up at the gaped area in stamina mode, as well as a gap between the side and the clear wheel. In the other mold, it simply does not. According to Lee, spiky mold (rarer?) is better however, Hell Kid's awesome phantom is the non-spiky.

Blader247's B: D mold took down many of us today, certainly was a surprise.

EDIT: The incident doesn't need to be posted, I see the matter has been dealt with appropriately, it would only bring up too much drama. I might PM a brief description of what happened, mostly will say in person. Lee it isn't necessary.
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