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Full Version: [London, UK, Regents Park, 15/10/11] The Autumn Battle Bash!
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pleases put me on reserves i wanna go
ZerobLade#I really wants to come but he is having trouble logging in. For some reason when he tries to log in, it says that it is incorrect.
So what is the point of your comment? Are you hinting towards putting his name on the list? If so then just say ZeroBlade#I is coming too.
Also if you don't know already or are new this is the London, UK - Sellers Thread, it is for all London tournament competitors to advertise if you are buying or selling anything.
im can come
Sorry for not updating the thread guys, I had to get my tooth extracted today (so painful). I'll update now...
me, zeroblade#I and SheerBlade#III carn't attend. Take us off the list please.
Wow big surprise. Pulling out and not coming like you did at the last two or three tourneys.
i'm coming so please add me to the list
sorry i cant come now
What the limit for people coming
if theres any room put me in plz! Grin
Hey, the turn out list for this tourney has just made me realize, well i have been noticing it over the last few tourneys, London's WBO members are slowly dying out... it's like the London Bladers are going extinct... a lot of members have stop competing/retired for example: Hakumen, <3, Bladestorm, Akatsuki, RAW, Bey-Reaper, TheChosen1, Itachi8 and lots more members, some valuable, some not. Also the Europe forum is dying out... and the teams...

I don't know whether this is because it is getting colder or people just not wanting beyblade anymore. Or because it is costing too much money. XD

This post didn't really have much to do with this thread but... i guess this was just for the people that stopped coming to tourneys but are still active members to see.
uh Heart lives no where near London so it's not amazing he would't come anymore. He's also at uni now I think. He's mainly a collector anyway. I can think of two members: Black Phoenix and Arkboy. They were only at one of tourneys I went to. More older members gone. Sad but understandable.
you havent put me on the confirmed list yet
Sorry, didn't see your post.
i wanna be on reserves please put me on
1. Your obviously not coming, that is why you asked to be on the reserves when the tournament is this close. I could understand if the tournament was a month away, then you could ask to be on the reserves, as you are not yet sure if you can come.

2. I swear you were on the list already, then you took your name off?
SheerBlade didn't you say you wern't aloud to go? your confusing me!
rofl that sucks i really wanted 2 do my first bey tournemount but im going for half term /Unhappy on the 15th
when will the next tournemount be
im nicholasm and would like to compete
i would like to compete my name is nicholasm

i would like to compete in autumn bash
(Oct. 11, 2011  9:37 PM)nicholasm Wrote: [ -> ]im nicholasm and would like to compete
i would like to compete my name is nicholasm

i would like to compete in autumn bash

what the hell is this spam night!
we get it stop or you will get a warning
Really sorry But I won't be able to make it Hope there's a good turn out Smile
That's too bad Unhappy (no more mario impressions Crying)
I can't come anymore. Please take me off the list.
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