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Full Version: [Florida, USA] Any tournaments in Florida???
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(Sep. 06, 2009  7:25 PM)Stone Wrote: [ -> ]I'm in orlando  if anyone's near let me know.

I'm in Pembroke Pines. If you don't know where it is search it up.

I'm itching to battle, so if anyone wants to let me know.
I am posting here because I want to become an organizer and host tournaments in Kissimmee in the near future. If anyone is interested let me know here. Thanks in advance!
Definitely interested in this! I live near Orlando/and am able to go to places near it, quite excited to see more action hopefully in FL!
Interested, definitely looking forward to bolstering the FL scene by having someone in or near Orlando.
I'm not sure if I've stated this in another FL thread, but I moved to Tampa a little over 2 weeks ago, so I'd be interested to go to a Kissimmee tournament since it's close enough. Orlando tournaments might be a bit more difficult, but I can try. I will be able to host at some point after the pandemic calms down. I probably won't be able to host as much as other Organizers or even give the greatest prizes, but I'm sure it'll be a fun time nonetheless.
Once the pandemic is calmed down I’ll be able to travel out and head to tournaments, excited to get back into the scene but also having a scene in Orlando while being in Tampa will be interesting for sure
I'm interested in tourneys near Kissimmee
I live in florida
I live near Orlando and would be interested in any Florida tournaments Joyful_2
I live near Jacksonville. Unfortanatly my job makes it hard to travel often.
myself and live in Jacksonville proper, along with some friends I've roped in that aren't super competitive.
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