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Full Version: [Florida, USA] Any tournaments in Florida???
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ok people battle bladers starts on saturday february 5th,here's it's information 1:00 pm tropical park feb 5th near the hill,and the tournament is called bey island and the tournament is zero chance's not mine,but i made battle bladers
but until march its the road to battle bladers
wait a minute where is the florida mall
wheres tropical park
i'll tell you all where tropical park is when seth solus pm's me back
ok this is crazy!!! we need a tournament so lets count the number of people in Florida on wbo and the place with the most local bladers is where it should be
thats a good idea but there are hundreds of bladers in florida but its a good idea
ok this is where tropical park is at 7900 SW 40 Street, Miami, Fl ok and you have to pay $5
look how about i set up a league where all florida bladers can meet up theres this place called sci fi city by where i live and they let people hang out and play games like pokemon, magic, etc so if any of you whould like to join the league pm me and i will send you the addgress of where it is anyone ok with this
I live in Jacksonville,Florida and my two kids and kids around the neighbor hood are dying to find a place to go to play and do tournaments, if anyone has any suggestions please post or pm me. Thanks to all.
urging for a battle in fl if u live near la belle, clewiston , moore haven please let me know and we could battle.
When and where will be the next tournament? Maybe i join.

Kids Shoes
sci fi city location
6006 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32807
pm me whos gonna come for the leauge so i have a good number
Will there be any beyblade metal fusion tournaments?Could i join?
Hey every one im hosting a tournament heres the link

also any veteran people want to join my tournament
(Jan. 09, 2011  12:53 PM)noah12999 Wrote: [ -> ]Will there be any beyblade metal fusion tournaments?Could i join?

possible but we should start meeting over there before we host tourneys
ok people until the 2nd day of summer its the road to battle bladers and there's gonna be prizes and the whole of battle bladers is teams
yay got a rapid deploy case =)
hi i'm looking for people to join my group shadow bladers. we are in apopka.
also, can i join battle bladers?????
Im from San Juan Puerto Rico and i was just wondering if anyone lives in Puerto Rico Because I beat my friends to much and im just getting board
ANY BODY FROM PUERTO RICO I NEED TO BATTLE AND I GOT GOOD BEYS TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEee
My beyblade tournament will start next month because i have to do more stuff.
(Dec. 05, 2010  10:27 PM)rock kenique Wrote: [ -> ]cyber pegasis i said to come at 3:00 you mist the tournemant but dont worry im making another one during feburary
me and my mom where waiting for you at 3:23 and left at 4:08 i think we must of mistakingly not recognize each other but ive changed the tournemant to feb,26,2010 at 3:45 same place at sportsman park this time ill be waiting in the middle of the field so then we know who is who and sorry if i didnt recognize you from before cyber pegasis but if any one from florida wants to come please reply so i know who is coming and if you want to contact me please call this phone number 772 446 9565 and bring your stadiums

Hey I might come wondered if I could bring custom bey to use.
(Dec. 13, 2010  1:22 AM)the4anime Wrote: [ -> ]
(Dec. 11, 2010  12:46 AM)soul Wrote: [ -> ]if there are any cape coral bladers look me up iv nvr been in a bey battle before and i want one soon yeah i live in naples

I live in cape coral and im intrested in making my own tournament in town.
every one can come to battle bladers but its in teams and until the 2nd day of summer its the road to battle bladers,plus you have to bring your stadiums,oh and if anyone wants to join me,rock kenique and metal fusion 1998 oh and are team's name is the cyber bladers
maybe we could do one in northern florida?
hey guys its me again i was looking on ebay and i saw 3 beys i like,the beys are flame libra, Ray Unicorno and Thermal Pisces,say what bey i should get
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