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Full Version: [Perth, Western Australia] July 3rd, 2011 - The Only Show in Perth!
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All the mfb seasons are aloud but the g rev and v force series aren't supposed to be used but you can bring them to the next tourney for fun battles.
All the mfb seasons are aloud but the g rev and v force series aren't supposed to be used but you can bring them to the next tourney for fun battles.
hmmm ok cool but i was meaning the weather season is there a particular weather season that they run the beyblade tournaments
If anyone wants to bring plastics or even has them at all, can you PM me, I want to discuss something. Thanks

Nope, hell, if I didn't want this happening ASAP, I wouldn't do it in the middle of Winter.
Tourneys happen all year round, though on a weekend each May we do Beydays. We missed it this year, but I'd expect/hope for something next year (probably a tourney with Blocks instead of all v all (check the event guide for "block round robin").
Man, I'm now totally ready for this tourney Grin I'm super-excited. Working tonight, so I'm gonna grab a few things (nametag stickers, etc). And, I'll have money next wednesday for the prizes, for prizewinners, so yes. This shall be great Smile
but the tournament starts on July and its not july yet were still in june
... It's less than a week away.
IPO, I think that you should put a post just after this one with THREE lists just so that people get to know more info of attendance of bladers.
No possible list, as the event is full. Still working on reserve stuff/lists as I've been busy. There's already an attending list though.
so to double check prize winners are alowed to pick whatever beyblade stuff they want as long as its either below or excatly the amount of money you win
Yes that is correct.

I have been practising my launch techniques and it is perfected after weeks of practising
and 1 more thing i dont have a ebay,amazon etc.. acount so can i pay you on the day to get some beyblade stuff im willing to get then mail it to my house(if you can ill pm you and tell you my address)
p.s including the shipping fee
Eh, mebbe, we'd need to work out the price beforehand, I'd suggest dimsum2u, he's usually the cheapest by a long way, and I can't recommend him enough.

PM me, and we'll talk.
well ok its cool i cant come to this 1 to the perth beyblade tournament but the next 1 i can come to but with that next 1 i read something on the line that that next 1 will in melbourne which i will not able to make it i actually live in bunbury but i can catch a train to perth from bunbury and i was asking if there is gonna be a next beyblade tournament in perth or do i have to wait till next year if this tournament is still running for that year
Lol, we don't have anything to do with Melbourne. No date is set for the next tournament yet, at all, but it'll be less than a few months away. By "next tournament" I'm referring to the next tournament in Perth. Smile

Oh, by the way, attendees: We're having a sausage sizzle. Did I mention that? Fggdygg has volunteered his cooking skillz, as I cannot operate a barbecue to any degree of competency. Tongue_out It'll probably be done during/before the finals. We'll see. But yeah.
It's also free, but 1 sausage+bun per person, and you'll need to bring your own drinks, I can't afford to buy drinks Unhappy Don't think there'll be enough food for parents tbh, so yeah, tell them to bring their own food mebbe? I dunno Tongue_out

Tourney is gonna be done on grass, don't want any tip damage Smile

Weather forecast currently has light showers, but mostly not-raining, from what I can tell, so yeah. PLEASE bring raincoats/umbrella in case we can't get shelter. Smile
I can 65 35 come because something popped up.
Ill call/text you if i cant make it and sorry i said i could come.
That's okay. Plenty of notice, we have reserves, and I doubt we'll fall below 8 people. I'll be in touch for next tourney.

The only reason I want people to make sure they come is so other people don't miss out.
Before anyone asks if this means they're in, I'm already contacting first reserve, but it means you move up a spot in line.
ok that's cool so when this 1st tourney has finished in Perth is there gonna be a 2nd tournament in Perth but except on a different date?
where can i find the rules about beyblade cos i need to know which beyblades r forbidden to use in tourneys
They're all linked in the first post of this thread.
All official beyblades, metal fight/fusion/masters etc. Not the original plastics or HMS, though, and no light wheels (from Random Booster Light V1/2)
I am so frikin' excited yeeeeeeee!
One question, will there be like an after tourney?
Yeah, there will be free play during and after the tourney. There's some info in the extended part of the OP.

Can't wait to see what everyone is using. Some kinda metagame. It'll be even better when we can all get TT stuff, but yeah, working on it for future.
ok, so let me get this straight, tourney at kings park, variety pavilion, around 1 o clock and WBO rules. btw are we allowed to bring our own stadiums for the actual tournament? me and my brother have an attack type stadium, so if we need to bring it, pm me
That would be really good if you could bring the attack stadium.
You dont have to bring a stadium but if you have an attack stadium that would be highly encouraged to bring it.
please bring the attack stadium
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