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Full Version: [Perth, Western Australia] July 3rd, 2011 - The Only Show in Perth!
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Hah, when that day comes, we may need more judges/helpers :p

Currently seeking approval, in case we get 12 or more attendees, to do a block system (read the tourney guide in the event proposal section for details). That's easiest with 3 blocks and 3 judges, so I'm checking to make sure you and sdamoncronus are gonna be allowed to help there Smile
A bit late notice, which is a shame, but I only noticed the numbers when updating the OP today Confused

And to make sure people are clear, it's the variety pavillion area. Same place as the team Omega Nova meetup. I'll be there at 11 to hopefully nab the pavillion (if anyone else wants to get there early to do so too, that's cool). Remember bring mats or whatever for the sake of our tips :p
Yeah i have been going into caves. Smile But i had to fight off a bear with my beyblades. Unhappy anyway I don't think ill be going to the caves again anytime soon. So now i have to find another place to train probably a mountain but then i have to make holes with my beyblades so i wont go to the mountains. If there are no good training places ill probably train at home or against my sister. (That would be so much fun)
Great going for the Perth tournament th!nk. Wish you the best of luck, and don't sweat the small details. Just enjoy the day and have fun! Cheers!
: It's me, I sweat small details to the point that there are universities lined up for my corpse when I die, just to see how that's physically possible Tongue_out Thanks so much for the advice and best wishes Smile I'm glad there's so much good feeling about this event from everyone Grin

-Ray: Had I been able, I would have done a Siberian/Wilderness training montage, or guaranteed myself runner-up with an evil lab/gym training program, watched over by scientists mumbling and writing on clipboards. However, due to my illness, I've taken a leaf from the "Secondary Character's Guide to Winning that One Battle to Stay Relevant", and am taking the "Recovery from Illness Just in Time" route to victory, it gives me an element of "beginners luck", and good karma. However, I don't think I'm enough of a Dark Horse to pull that off, but it might still give me enough good Karma to get over the line. Confused

By the way, I'm glad to see we haven't had anyone come along and say "I R GRAETEST, IM BEAT U ALL" or any sledging/"trash-talk" kinda stuff like that. It's so nice that we can just have a friendly, fun tourney, without the whole "super-competitive brouhaha" thing. Grin
woot finally an official tourney so excited Pinching_eyes_2
Awesome job, Th!nk. I told you you could pull it off. Wink

(Jun. 11, 2011  3:10 PM)Monkey man 562 Wrote: [ -> ]Where king park
You're from New Jersey. Serious
Boyy: Sorry for misspelling your name pretty much every time we speak, I only just noticed Tongue_out Yeah, finally. I'm expecting some good competition, too. You won the Omega-Nova meetup, didn't you?

: Thanks very much, there's no way this would have happened without you and Kei's encouragement. Everyone in this thread owes you and him a degree of gratitude for that, amongst so many other things. Smile
They owe me? Give me all of your face boosters. kthx.

I think not. Those be ours Tongue_out
You seem to manage fine face-wise anyway, hah Tongue_out
I kid, I kid. But grats, you better place. Grin
I know, the pressure is on, hey. Tongue_out
I'd find the irony in me being terrible at tourneys quite amusing, but I'd rather not suck Tongue_out

I've been sick, but I'm on the mend now, so I don't even have that excuse. Guess I need to practice, practice, practice!

I'm actually surprisingly non-competitive, I don't like pressure. But this is beyblading, and I quite enjoy it, and figure I have a decent chance, so hey Tongue_out

EDIT: Still want one more person to confirm before the event, so, as long as you all attend as you have pledged to, we can do Block Format round robin, so we aren't here for ages doing, say, 58 matches (for 11 attendees).
please please please! can you try to sell metal faces
I'm afraid it'd be far too late to get any here before july third now, at any reasonable price. Only way I can think of right now is express from japan, which is hard to organise and expensive. Plus, I don't sell stuff usually so yeah.
Oh, most importantly, I've got no money to buy stuff to sell right now, as it's been a long time since I've worked, due to poor health.

However, I do have an idea/plan for the next tourney I do. No details yet, but hopefully people will be able to get some tt stuff. Gotta work out risks, speak to some people and get my job/income steady first, so don't bank on it, though you might consider saving some money. Uncertain

Honestly, just give this tourney the best you've got with what you have. As long as it goes well, there'll be more.
Hai guise. Just something more about why you should get a passport. Considering it's highly likely that it'll pay for itself within the 12 months it lasts, you should already be considering it strongly.

But, now, there's another reason. Go look at the latest news. Yeah, monthly giveaway of the latest TT release to one lucky person, but you gotta have a passport to enter. Seems like a good deal to me, I mean, it's not even $10AU. (10USD=9.45AUD as of this post, according to google).
When you have to paypal the funds over, it has to equal $10 USD I believe and paypal has different rates than google.
Ahhh. True. Might be a little more on the day guys. I'll PM you the proper price in the reminder PM the day before the event. (Any difference from there I can cover). Tongue_out
so can we buy a pasport on the event? little low on paypal right now :[
Yep, just pay 10US instead of 5US at entry, and I'll note it, and send it to the wbo Grin That said, you will miss the Kronos draw, but yeah.
By the way, after talking to Deikailo and Uwik, we may do straight RR even if we get 12. I feel rather bad for the committee, but it's our first official tourney, and I'm sure we
a) Want to get in as many matches as we can, and
b) Probably want the final placements to be as fair as possible
Of course, this will mean we may be there for a few hours, so DO remember water, and yeah, mention it to parents, as if you leave half way through the tourney, it'll be bloody awkward, and I may have to launch terrible combo's at you until you relent.

Oh, and if you didn't note over in Organised Play random thoughts, if it all goes well, there's a chance you might be able to order TT stuff through me at some point in the future, so people who's parents won't allow internet buying can tell me what they want a few weeks before the tourney, and I can order it, and people can pay me.
It all depends how it goes and how my life goes once I'm well enough to work again. But yeah. So, don't get too excited about it, it's still just in the idea phase, and I have a lot of ideas and stuff that never go anywhere.

Of course, that's just another incentive to play fair and be nice at this tournament, because for it to happen, we'll need future tourneys, right? So play nice, kids Tongue_out

Also: Sweet, we're on the sidebar tourney list now. Nice Cute
hey i was wondering if there were any spots for the tournament because i would like to participate
Update: First prize increased to $25, because I should hopefully have some money the payday after the tourney, I'm looking healthier now. Third prize gets a bronze coloured launcher tool, as consolation. Tongue_out
If I place, though, I'll keep it, because third will get second place prize (or be me).

More motivation for me to place, to not give away my bronze tool Tongue_out Tongue_out Tongue_out

Not sure if we will have a limit on numbers, but if it gets too high we will run block RR, which I'd rather not.
If we get 15, we do 105 Battles, plus finals, which is a lot (525 rounds). Might cap it there. maybe. I'll see, we can't guarantee everyone will show anyway, but we should be safe now.
Okay, a reliable source has just messaged me to tell me that it seems normal RR is capped at 12 participants.
I'm afraid we may need to cap the tourney here. However, this means that if you don't show for this tourney, you WILL be banned from the next, so I'm going to message all the attendees to make sure they are all 100% sure.

I'll set up a reserve list, too, for those that aren't sure.

Why do I want normal Round Robin? Because I want us to get the maximum battles. 11 battles for each participant, instead of 3-4 for blocks. This is in the best interest for attendees.

Anyone who couldn't make this tourney will be given priority for the next tourney, though that may well be done in blocks, at least they will be considered when organising the date.

Yeah, I feel really bad for doing this, but it's a necessity. As I've said, I'll do my best to make it up to everyone who missed out this time around.
OP updated with a map, as I just realised I hadn't included one Confused
Okay, so the only thing we can do now, is wait
Pretty much, yeah, just wait and practice.

Maybe we should start deception :p: my best bey is uncustomised dark wolf hurr hurr, no need to worry about using strong blades against me.
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