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Full Version: [Perth, Western Australia] July 3rd, 2011 - The Only Show in Perth!
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The only video was of the first battle between me and Tokyo Boyy, the last battle, in which he KO'd my combo. May be one of the full match (pretty cool, I came back from 2 down, almost won due to a bad launch on his part, there was a reshoot (possibly called too late, but I'm not arguing, as it would have been really, really unsatisfying). But yeah, I don't have one.

We should totally have made an anthology of Tokyo Boyy beating everyone, though.

But yeah, not many were taken, it was a bit chaotic as it was my first time organising and we knew we were going too slow, so yeah. Next time, it'll all be co-ordinated more smoothly, now I know how everything unfolds

This said, next time we need to be harder on the timing of the reshoot clause (we reigned it in when it got out of hand, as we initially forgot about the "having to call instantly" thing (I was really, really, really tired, okay?). Don't get me wrong, we didn't allow any obviously BS calls, but yeah, we will need to be stricter next time.
Ah I see..well if you can manage to get that up, that would be awesome! Great job again on the tournament.
I don't have it, but someone should hopefully Tongue_out

Thanks very much, it wasn't easy, but the next one will be a huge improvement Tongue_out

Finally writing up results, should get the tourney fees sent tonight. All but around two attendees bought passports Tongue_out
Results are typed, and I'mma send them and the money in a few minutes.

But, MORE IMPORTANTLY: ANYONE IN PERTH WHO HAS PLASTICS, EVEN IF IT'S JUST ONE, OR IF YOU CAN BORROW ON ON JULY 17th, PLEASE, CONTACT ME ASAP OR POST HERE! I want to do something for plastics remembrance day, but we need just a few more blades. Read the thread for details.
CONGRATS to all the winners, and best of luck for PR day on 17 July!
Well, you did use that TH170, eh? Hehe! You are always true to your words, th!nk! When you PMed me, I thought you were really serious about using EWD.... Tongue_out
Ahaha, TH170 is a ridiculously overpowered track, so of course I (ab)used it.

Considered EWD, but it didn't work well enough for me, and I had other options. Tongue_out

I didn't even pull out MF MLD CH120XF, due to the overload of stamina and Hell Kerbecs BD145WD and such (plus I wasn't totally confident about my launch.
(Jul. 04, 2011  4:10 PM)Bluezee Wrote: [ -> ]Ah I see..well if you can manage to get that up, that would be awesome! Great job again on the tournament.

hey i have a video of it! i ll see if i can upload it, and if i can, i ll notify u immediately
That'd be awesome, burnphoenix123.


Spamming this around cos I want to get this sorted ASAP

Okay. I want to do something for Plastics Remembrance Day.

I've got enough plastics to loan them out and run a tourney like that. but the loaned ones won't be amazing (one has trygles jumping base FFS). So, people who can bring their own and share will be given priority. That said, if you don't have plastics, you're still welcome to register your interest. I'm only gonna make it an 8 person affair, because I don't want to run over, but do want to do normal Round Robin.

Anyway, July 17th. Details HERE!
Results submitted, prizes being sorted out now.
hey guys
does anyone possibly know if there is a beyblade metal fusion/masters tournament coming up, because i just missed this one
if you dont, thats ok
Thnx guys ;-D
It'll happen whenever someone (probably me) organises it.

Probably mid-late August or something, we'll see. Have to let people get/find new stuff so it's not just a repeat of the last tourney, or it'll get dull.
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