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Full Version: [Perth, Western Australia] July 3rd, 2011 - The Only Show in Perth!
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Cheesyguybb and BigBangBladerX1, I've listed you as confirmed, but just to make sure, you can DEFINITELY, 100% SURE make it? Because if you don't, it'll mess things up for everyone Smile

Still need two more people, I'd rather not invite extra's myself. If you need to register friends, do so and PM me, if you can. I've PM'd one or two people to ask if they could come, and yeah.

We should make the numbers easily, however I'd really like it if people could RSVP ASAP, as I need to apply for official-ness and try to book the variety pavilion or whatever. So, if you could ask parents/confirm ASAP, it'd be super-cool!
im 100% sure and p.s what part of the park is it gonna be held at
Please read the first page. Im sure you'll find the solution =]
I can make it Own-Ray told me about it
He won't actually ®, as I'm not 100% sure yet myself. Might sort it out tomorrow, if talking doesn't hurt too much, and try to book the variety Pavilion.

, Awesome!

, you 100% sure? Tongue_out I'm adding you as confirmed, and it's AWESOME that you'll be coming Smile

If 1 more person RSVP's and everyone confirms that they're 100% sure, I'll apply for official status, and we can really get things rolling!
Looks like RockBullH145SF will be coming, so we have the 8 People required. Plus, a few more people look like they'll be coming along.

I'm off to write up the official application-do!
I'll be calling the Variety Pavilion people tomorrow, as long as I can still talk. That said, given we won't have 50 attendees, it'll all be pretty simple.

Yay for us for making Perth suck a little less Tongue_out

Of course, everyone that's confirmed HAS to attend, but I'm quite sure we'll have a few more people confirm. But yeah, don't not show, guys. Because if this goes badly or whatever, I'll think twice before trying again. If it goes well, expect it to become a semi-regular thing.

Oh, and if people have mats they can bring to cover the gravel, it'd be super cool, as I don't want stuff getting damaged Tongue_out

Also, how do people feel about name tags? If you're all worried about wearing name tags with usernames on them, we can keep it to your number (which will be done in order of arrival, and determine the play order (as it's round robin, everyone plays everyone, so it doesn't really make a difference, other than to the order which you play people).
I think it would be better if the tags were numbers because it's easier to remember
BOTH!!! That we can find out who someone is and organise it better.
Yeah, I'm thinking both, as long as no-one is uncomfortable with that.

I'll have everyone's nametags printed beforehand, and they'll be given upon payment of the entry fee. This means we can easily check who's there, and that everyone has paid. I'll bring some blanks in case anyone shows up and registers on the day, of course Smile

: You should get a plane and fly over Tongue_out, but thankyouSmile

Also: Updated the OP for professionalism/clarity.
Right, I can 100% go now, I can take RowDog and you can add me to the list. Finally, an official tourney for Perth. C you guys all there Smile
Hah, you're both already on there, as I believed you already confirmed.

I've emailed the variety pavilion booking officer, as it doesn't look like I'll be well enough to make a phone call any time soon.

Anyway, I've applied for approval by the committee. The M145/MS extra rulings will obviously require discussion, but yeah.

Does anyone actually WANT to use MS/M145 or have a problem with not being allowed to use them?
Or, at least, does anyone have a problem with the rule additions, as specified in the OP?

If so, now would be a good time to say so, or I'mma assume there are no objections Smile

FWIW, they're both to avoid damage to stadiums, as in the former case, we'd have to make sure you launched without "slamming" the beyblade down, and in the case of M145, I/others have seen this cause damage.
Plus, both parts suck.
Okay, so the venue might change to the Willong Pavilion, or another area of Kings Park closer to some kind of restaurant, as apparently the Team Omega Nova Meetup was interrupted by people needing to get food, and the Willong pavilion is close to Stickybeaks cafe and whatnot. It's a more populated area, though, if that's a problem. I've asked about booking it, so yeah, we'll see. We may end up on grass near a restaurant or whatever, we'll see.
A map of kings park is here, with venues indicated etc:
I would like to come and I am 100% able to if there are any more positions.
There's plenty of room for more people Grin
Added, and I'll be glad to see you there, given how helpful you've been with planning etc :3
Will we need to bring along those beypoint holder thingymajigs?
You don't need to bring one but you can if you want
Unless someone else has one and you want to use them for fun, I wouldn't bother. They're certainly not needed though.
can you use light launcher 2 and all of those new looking things?
obviously , if they are takara tomy or hasbro they will be allowed unless mentioned by th!nk .
Yeah, as long as they're legit beyblade accessories, they're generally fine. Though, TBH, LL2's are weaker than beylaunchers. Meh.

ANYWAY, with the venue, apparently, it's gonna cost me $100 for a measly two hours for either of the venues. This is madness IMO, so we'll just be doing it in the open, methinks. If it rains, we'll find cover nearby, as there is plenty of cover at Kings Park, and worst case we can crowd in under whatever and blade there. Uncertain

If, as we get close to the day, it looks like it's gonna rain non stop, we may end up looking at bringing a small tent or something for bladers to blade in. It'll take longer, but yeah. Solutions, my friends.

Still, it's a shame, but ahh well.
You should make it near variety pavilion so that if it does rain we can rain in and delay it or something like that
Variety Pavilion is for anyones public use as long if the amount of people there are under 50 and it isn't booked by someone else.
Might do that then, thanks for the help guy. Mskes it so much easier when everyone helps out, especially with me being ill right now.
Expect a decision on the location tomorrow-ish.
Where king park
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