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Full Version: [Perth, Western Australia] July 3rd, 2011 - The Only Show in Perth!
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My best blade is probably a storm capricorn or a burn fireblaze which can't be used in the tourney WINK WINK (Or am I winking?) haha figure out when the tourney has begun.*fake laugh* converted to *OK laugh* converted to *mad laugh* converted finally to *evil laugh* HAHAHAHA
Hello, can you put me on the reserve/possible list, just in case someone doesn't come leading to Th!nk scarring their life because he launched horrible combos at them.
Oh, you can use Burn Fireblaze, but MS sucks. Burn isn't light enough to cause any damage. I can't ban MS, and I've got no problem with it on light wheels. I'm sure you're gonna customise stuff though Tongue_out M145 is fine as long as it's not a metal tip or too heavy a wheel Tongue_out
Yeah, the rules changed. I enjoyed the joke though Tongue_out

I actually just realised, I don't actually have a Dark Wolf, I've got all it's parts (even two differently coloured wolf CW's), but not the actual bey. Hu-uh. I do have Storm Capricorn though, so I'll pwn you all with that.

Lol, will do. I've gotta write it up, as I've got a few reserves as is Unhappy It's a shame people are missing out, but I'll make it up to you with another tourney sometime (when it's good for us all, and I have money again Tongue_out)

By the way, if you place in this tourney, you'll definitely be invited to the next. So, more incentive?
hiiiiiiii Everybody!!!
I'm using a fantastic storm capricorn!
:.(.......................... WWAA!
if i'm goin, I will still bring a storm capricorn
my son's name is bob junior and my dauter's name is bobina
Okay,just stop that. it's getting silly
I call persius bob and he looks really fat.... I call him fat bob wife doesn't have a name
what launchergrip have you got? I mean everyone when i say that
Guys, I appreciate that you're having fun, but please keep all discussion here on-topic, i.e. about the tournament. Uncertain

Man, I'm excited, seeing as I've been up today, I've been testing and practising like mad. I really want to place, if only to keep my bronze tool Tongue_out
How long've you been up practising
1 wk to go Pinching_eyes_2
Just WAITING for the tourney to begin is pretty epic.
Ugh, hoping a part I'm waiting for will arrive before the tourney, for testing and maybe use. Confused

C'mon, Japan Post, you've not failed me yet Cute

I need to go out to various shops to look for stuff, but I'm short on cash til the tuesday after the tourney (payday). Blargh.
You know if you ask me I think people are getting a bit too excited over this tourney. We know it's one week to go, we know you are busting for it to happen but you don't need to start a countdown or post 1000 times "It's coming, YIPEE!"
I know, we shouldn't be making pointless posts, as I've said, but I don't mind people getting excited, I mean, I am. But yeah, guys, keep it relevant. Still 1 week is a fair thing to comment on.

Try and keep it more on topic guys Smile
By the way, I expect everyone to be there on time, at 12 Noon. If you aren't there by 12:15PM, I will consider you
to have bailed, and call a reserve.
If you're gonna be late, I'll have PM'd you my number before the tourney, so you will all be able to contact me to let me know, by SMS or whatever.

If you don't SMS me and rock up after I've called a reserve, it will create drama, and I apologise, but those are the rules. Unhappy

So be on time, or let me know. It's not hard to do. Have your parents call or SMS me or whatever if you don't have a phone.

I can't make it any later, as reserves need time to get there. Try to get there on time, I'll be there an hour or so early, so you won't be alone. I'll have stadiums too once it's all set up so yeah, we can practice or talk or whatever. Don't try to get there early, just try to get there for 12, but there's no disadvantage to getting there early Smile

If it hits 12:00, and you're not there, just text me to tell me you're on your way.
If you've woken up sick/had to cancel for whatever, let me know as early as possible, as that'll let me let someone else fill your spot Smile
So we have to get there by 12:15 latest what about 12:20 because I live about 25 minutes away
Sure. Remind me closer to the date, as I'm yet to get my tourney book/tags/attendance lists together to note it all down. That said, I live further away (30 minutes or more, IIRC, depending on traffic), so yeah.

Don't everyone ask to arrive late, cos I do need to organise stuff with reserves. Own-Ray is bringing one of the stadia and I know he'll be there, so he gets a little extra leeway. Don't complain.
which beyblade are not allowed to use in the tourney
Uhh, I must apologise, but the attendee limit has been reached already, if you were hoping to come.

As for what is/isn't allowed, check the rules, which are linked in the first post.
would i able to come to the tourney or not
As I said, I'm afraid not, however, I'll contact you when organising the next tournament to try and set it at a convenient date for everyone who missed this one Confused
well thats ok Wink but do u know when u r goin to set the next tournament 4 those people who missed out like me Stupid
Not yet, I'm still busy organising this one. I'll get to contacting everyone relevant once this tournament is over.
Stupid cool as do u want my contact mobile number
Nah, that's cool. I'll PM you if I need anything, I've already got a fair number of reserves right now. Thanks though Smile
sooo is there a particular season that u run the beyblade tournaments and about this tournament r u allowed to use other beyblade rather then the metal fusion ones like beyblade v force and beyblade g revolution
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