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Full Version: Best Face So Far
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Mine have to be the Kerbecs face, the BB-107 Big Bang Pegasis face (no stickers Grin ), the Clear Gravity Perseus face and the orange, printed, cancer face Smile

Though, I also like making different coloured faces from the Metal Face 2 set, so I have an orange and red combination as well as the completely clear one XD
Golden L Drago Destroy Metal Face. That's it.
(Aug. 27, 2011  12:39 PM)Hakumen Wrote: [ -> ]Golden L Drago Destroy Metal Face.

It's either the Gold LDD MF face or:

The CoroCoro World Domination metallic Hell Kerbecs stickers.

the lacerta face and i liked dark wolf one aswell
My favorite faces in order are:
Limited Edition WHF VariAres face
Kerbecs face
I love hell kerbecs and basalt horogium's faces.It looks so cool
Libra and Basalt and L-drago (All Ver.s) they all look amazing
I have a list.
1. Big Bang Pegasis.
2. Horogium.
3. Libra.
4. Original LDrago.
5. Aries.
My Face Is The Best! Other Than That, I Like The Leone Faces. Fang, Rock, Pre-Hws. King Lion!
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