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Full Version: Best Face So Far
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Hmm... I like the Pisces face (just realized it was supposed to be a shark Tongue_out), L drago and Sagittario's faces are pretty cool though. Capricorne's face is plain awesome, though.
I think mine are wolf, counter leone , and cyber pegasis
Scorpion just looks so strange and cool a long with Pisces.
After like a year of MFB Beys released. Aquario's is still the best.
My favorites are Aquilla, Pisces, and Leone.
EDIT: Geminos, can't forget Geminos.
me, im going for the pegasis, wolf, ldrago, and original libra
Rock Orso, Nuff Said.
Capricorne,Cyber Pegasis,Aries And Serpent and Sol Blaze (why does everyone hate this face i think its cool)
Least favorite, Escorpio becouse of those lines
Dark Bull and Dark Wolf! Grin
Aries and the metalface just because it looks quite nice whilst the bey is spinning.
mine is aquila and aries! i loove the colours and styles!
my new faves are storm pegasis rock leone and pisces
The alternate art Aquario face is pretty amazing too.
Phoenix it reminds me of a chicken in the oven mmm
Not sure if this counts because it hasn't been released but the Anubis face is really awesome.
Pegasis,Libra, Aquarios, and Capricone.
I really like the style of the Aquila face but my favourite has to be the purple Quetz face. Though the Leone face is really cool too!
I like the galaxy pegasus face since its a bit different then the storm pegasus face. but I'm not going to pick favorites. I LIKE THEM ALL!!!
galaxy pegasis sticker and thermal pisces
i like phoenix and cyber pegasis
cyber pegasis and peursus(something like that)
Unicorno and Aquila, without a doubt. :]
(Jun. 29, 2010  4:23 PM)Kid Windy Wrote: [ -> ]Unicorno and Aquila, without a doubt. :]

Same here! But I do like Libra too...
(Jun. 29, 2010  4:57 PM)SubterraMaster Wrote: [ -> ]
(Jun. 29, 2010  4:23 PM)Kid Windy Wrote: [ -> ]Unicorno and Aquila, without a doubt. :]

Same here! But I do like Libra too...

Hehe, I'm not really a fan of the Libra face, too plain imo
New fave is definatly Gravity Perseus' face. Silver quetz face is a close second.
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