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Full Version: Best Face So Far
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(Jan. 24, 2009  2:34 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]I totally forgot about L-Drago. I really like this one too - it always looks so cool in Blitz's signature.

Same here! I saw it and Blitz's siggy and had to say I liked it!
I love the face of L-Drago!
my fav face would have to be Wolf because it looks seriously cool :3
i kinda like aquario's cause it's wierd Stupid
This might sound wierd.... but pegasis recolored by me, black as background, drawing pegasis in white. *Warning: Illegal(lol, but seriously)*
other than that, aries for all.
(Jan. 25, 2009  4:25 AM)happyeric12 Wrote: [ -> ]*Warning: Illegal(lol, but seriously)*
I don't think it is, unless the paint is so heavy it affects the blade.
aries, quetz, virgo and pisces
(Jan. 23, 2009  9:56 PM)Crimson Wrote: [ -> ]Saggitario!
I also like Pisces.

same here saggitario and pisces
i like L drago's, aquario's, and saggitario's the best
Clear L-Drago is pretty damn cool.
(Feb. 04, 2009  6:48 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]Clear L-Drago is pretty damn cool.
Yeh I want that it looks awsome.
No point in buying it I guess though not with Metal Faces coming out.
Never thought about that. D:

Damn the metal faces are gonna be even cooler! >w< I'm hoping they've been lazered, sprayed or lazered and then painted. I hope they don't have vinyl on them or somthing. :\
I like Aries and L-Drago
I like L-Drago's face the most, it rocks and I have always been a sucker for dragons.

I posted her since that other thread might get closed.
Going to change my favorite face to either piseices or L-Drago's.
WOLF!then aquario
Saggitario and Aires.
no one likes storm pegasis...?

mine are
1)storm pegasis
3) Leone
Quetz and (Orso?)
Quetz, LDrago, Aries.
My favorite is Aries without a doubt. Smile
Wolf, Quetz. and Pegasis RF
(Aug. 11, 2009  9:29 PM)AlphaBlader Wrote: [ -> ]Wolf, Quetz. and Pegasis RF


Storm Pegasis?

WOLF owns all
Pisces, Geminos, and of course Quetz

Pisces is the most entertaining in my opinion though.
Earth Aquila face looks like it will be awesome though!
[Image: EarthAquila2.jpg]
why is EARTH aquila a bird
(Aug. 25, 2009  4:26 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]why is EARTH aquila a bird
Possibly because AQUILA is an eagle.
If anything round here is ridiculous, then it's flame Libra, why would your scales be on fire!?
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