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Full Version: Regents Restricted Roundup [16/04/11] - LIMIT REACHED!
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So that we can do a Round Robin format, there will be more of these so everyone will get a chance to rack up some points
I am gonna beast this time. I'm ordering in a lot of gear so watch out Lee and Blitz.
Can you please Put me down as reserves? Thats all im asking for.
Chocked_2 6th on reserve list, that is quite far down. Oh well, I probably won't be getting my Beys till the day after so I guess it is kinda fine...

I hope the next one isn't limited or it will be quite good if you make one which is limited to a slightly higher amount of people e.g 32/30 Team Double Elimination Seeded (Team=Team of 1)

If you are interested, here is a link:
Is this like a tournament for the pros and any one who doesnt have a GB145 or a basalt wheel or a person who is new to beyblade NOT ALLOWED that kind of sucks
I wanna come!
Damn, haven't been on the forum and missed this. Stick me in the reserves I guess.
(Apr. 01, 2011  9:04 PM)ultimate zero Wrote: [ -> ]Why is it always in regents park in London? I live in Becton and it takes crazy long to get to Regents Park

I live in Forest Gate (Near Stratford.) That's even further away!
And when you have something new to say, make a new post, don't just edit the same one or everyone will ignore it.
im comming
put me on reserve
Could I be put on the reserves list
put me in the reserves
Yes im on the reserves list but im way down o well what ya gona do.
Get higher? Wouldn't that be something good to do
How are you gonna get higher, tell other people to go off the list before you, doubt that will happen.

Getting up the list is not something you can control, just a matter of time Uncertain
i am will be able to come please put me on the list
(Apr. 04, 2011  11:40 AM)theBlader2011 Wrote: [ -> ]i am will be able to come please put me on the list
The limit has been reached therefore you will be on the reserves.
i can come put me down please
What don't people get about LIMIT REACHED.
You can't enter because all places have been taken. You'll be put on the reserve list (And can only pray that you will get even a chance of being entered.)
Blitz, at this point, do you want this topic to be locked until the actual day of the tournament ? There are many people already on the reserve list, and I doubt that so many people who are in the actual count for the tournament will not go. It seems pointless to just continue accumulating people on the "reserve" list when they will for sure never be able to play in the tournament anyway.
That would be good idea, If you could unlock it the day before that would be great.
Thank you.
It is no problem. I will be quite busy with school around that time, so just send me a private message if I do not seem to remember to reopen it.
The thread has been reopened however -

It's ONLY so that anyone on the confirmed or reserved list can let us know if they are unable to attend the tournament!

Don't ask to be put on the reserves list as we've already got enough people put down as reserves.
Yay. Hopfully it will be a fun day no matter what whether it I am playing or not.

BTW if I pay for a passport then do I need to pay £3 still on that day
No, You just pay the fee for the passport and your in.
Yay, thankyou for the infomation. So I will be bringing £12. Then 6 for passport and 6 for raffle tickets.
, how do i get in the tournament i dont now how its my frst time so can you tall me how Eee
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