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Full Version: [Brooklyn, NY] 3/27/11 In like a Leone, Out like an Aries
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(Apr. 06, 2011  1:13 AM)Sky Prince Wrote: [ -> ]lol. i was a little sad that u didn't get my "disappointment" face. LOL! XD maybe that would have helped dani a bit... or maybe freaked out a few people. XD
Asian dad face?
lol. well, sure if i looked like one, i'm sure it would please any parent. LOL!
The matches for this tournament were processed.
thanks kai-v! =)
Thanks, Kai-V!
btw, i just noticed something on my battles. I remember i battled cyber gemios first round, yet it says cyber_king0265. I remember it was Cyber Gemios because i got my "revenge" by kicking him down to the loser's bracket first round.... and he tried intimidating me before the match by saying "BOO!" thinking i was scared of him. I have Shippudenface as my witness. he didn't record the match but he knows i beat him.... i'm just saying, is that gonna affect anything?
The accounts were merged; they are one in the same.
She probably didn't merge the accounts yet. I'll let her know. She did mention doing that, however.
Credits for this event were distributed.
Thanks Kai-V!
(Apr. 30, 2011  4:30 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Credits for this event were distributed.

Thanks Kai-V!!!
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