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This is a Thread where you can find all the fanfictions I write on Beyblade Burst! I am currently working on Beyblade Burst: Ultra

Character Profiles:

All the Chapters can now be found on Wattpad. The link will take you to the page where all 49 chapters are available.
O-O this looks amazing and all the time and details you put into it i like it
Thanks a lot, I have about 4 chapters done, and Chapter 5 is being worked on. I hope everyone's support will push me to finish before next summer! If anyone would want to make OCs they could, but they wouldn't be featured until Chapter 10 at most, but don't let that stop you. Chapter 2 introduces two new beys.

And if this gets some more traction, I'll post chapters sooner and quicker, but for now I'll post Chapter 2 either later or after school for me.
Interesting, let's see how this plays out. It's a rather generic first chapter, but it's solid enough.
(Nov. 30, 2021  4:56 PM)SpeedySuomi Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting, let's see how this plays out. It's a rather generic first chapter, but it's solid enough.

Thanks! I think it'll be better later on, the first two chapters were basically for character intros. Thanks for the feedback!

I'll post Chapter 2 soon, now hope it's good!

Chapter 2: Eruption Ifrit! Fallen Valkyrie!

???: “Now Fallen Valkyrie!”
Fallen Valkyrie then charged down and hit the opponent’s Cyclone Ifrit out of the stadium.
It burst and then exploded into a million shards.
Irene stood there with tears in her eyes.
Irene: “How could you do that?”
???: “There’s no place in the world for weaklings like you.
Keith grabbed the capped teen’s shoulder and yelled.
Keith: “Why would you do something so heartless!”
??? slapped Keith’s arm off.
??? turned around and pointed at himself and said
???: “I am Van Aoi, and I’m the holder of Fallen Valkyrie”
Baki: “Aoi!?”
Keith pulled out Kratos, and said.
Keith: “Battle me and my Destruction Kratos.”
Van: “Sure, you’ll lose but that will be fun to see.”
Keith: “Baki, could you be the referee?”
Baki: “Sure, Keith.”
Irene ran away, she had no clue where she was going but she wouldn’t stop running.
Irene’s Mind: “How come I lost so quickly, that was my mother’s bey. I should’ve never started blading!”
Irene ran until, she saw Keith standing in the middle of the woods.
Irene’s Mind: “What’s Keith doing out here?”
Keith stood there, he then punched the tree.
Keith: “I can’t believe I lost!”
Irene walked over to Keith, and said
Irene: “Hey Keith, are you alright?”
Keith looked at her, and remembered her battle at the park.
Keith: “I should be the one asking you that?”
Irene then blushed and looked away embarrassed.
Keith: “I have an idea, what if I help you forge a Mystic Beyblade!”
Irene looked at Keith and smiled.
Irene: “Thanks Keith, I’d love that.”
At the Alcazaba’s Mansion, Irene and Keith walked up to the 3d print room.
Irene: “I’ll revive you Ifrit.”
Keith looked at her and realized her determination, so he began typing quickly.
Irene watched Keith type until the screen went white, and there was models to choose from.
Keith: “This is all you now Irene.”
Keith got off the chair, and Irene went over and began typing.
Irene: “I want the bey to have 6 upper blades, rubber on the end of the blades. I still want to use a balance type so I’ll use Wave as my driver, but it should be stronger, so I’ll make it a dash driver, for my disc I’ll have 10 upper blades to create an airflow up to my blade. Finally, for my armor, I’ll have rubber stoppers to keep my bey from bursting so quickly.”
Keith stood there, admiring Irene and her love for Beyblade.
Then the 3d printers began printing, and Keith saw the beginnings of Ifrit.
About 1 and a half hours passed, Irene had finished Ifrit, the paint was done, so she went over to Keith and saw he was asleep.
Irene: “Hey Keith, wake up, I’m finished.”
Irene wanted to be gentle, she then began poking him gently, until Keith got up.
Keith: “Oh hey Irene, is Ifrit done?”
Irene showed Ifrit to him.
Irene: “Let’s battle Keith!”
Keith grinned.
Keith: “You took the words outta my mouth!”
The duo walked over to the stadium, and got their launchers ready.
Keith’s mind: “I need to put absolutely everything into my launch!”
Irene’s mind: “I’ll use my lower body strength, to jump forward and pull off an amazing launch.”
Keith and Irene: “Ready! Set!”
Keith: “3”
Irene: “2”
Keith and Irene: “1”
Keith pushed all his power into his legs and right arm.
Keith and Irene: “Go Shoot!”
Irene jumped forward, and pulled off an amazing launch.
Keith pulled his ripcord as hard as possible, and that resulted in his launcher breaking.
Keith: “Go, Kratos, Destruction Shoot!”
Irene: “We aren’t losing easy, Ifrit.”
Ifrit took the center, while Kratos drift on the stadium’s ridge.
Kratos then shot towards the center, Irene saw what Keith was planning on doing.
Irene: “Ifrit!”
Ifrit’s avatar appeared, it roared, as Irene called out.
Irene: “Ifrit, Erupting Claws!”
The rubber on the Eruption Blade, began to glow, and it hit Kratos.
Keith: “I’ve tricked you! Kratos!”
Kratos’ avatar appeard, and Keith called out.
Keith: “Destruction Bound!”
Kratos’ bound blades pushed in and hit Ifrit back.
But Ifrit didn’t shoot far back at all, instead once it landed, it shot towards Kratos.
Irene: “Wave Shoot!”
Keith: “Kratos! Destruction Strike!”
Ifrit barely dodged Kratos rushing towards it. Then Ifrit began to drift on Wave.
Irene: “The time is now Ifrit!”
Irene: “Wave Counter!”
Ifrit then shot towards Kratos, and slammed into it.
Irene: “Eruption Impact!”
Ifrit hit Kratos again, and burst it.
Keith: “I lost!”
Irene jumped up and clapped
Keith then high fived Irene
Keith: “You did good!”
Keith and Irene walked back to Baki’s mansion.
Irene on the way back asked.
Irene: “How did you lose to Van?”
Keith: “It only took him 30 seconds to win.”
-2 hours ago-
Van: “Fallen Valkyrie, will be your opponent.”
Keith saw Irene ran to the woods, he grabbed Kratos and look at Van.
Keith: “And, Kratos will be the savior of Irene!”
Both bladers got ready. Van got to a crouching postion.
Keith: “3!”
Van launched forward.
Keith: “2!”
Van touched the ground and turned around, grabbing his launcher’s grip.
Both: “1!”
Van spun on his foot, to face Keith.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Valkyrie and Kratos landed, Kratos was in Defense Mode.
Van’s eyes glowed purple.
Van: “End this now, Fallen Sword!”
Valkyrie began scraping on Venture’s rubber, before it shot at Kratos.
Valkyrie hit it out of the stadium and it burst.
Keith stood there, he had lost again.
Irene and Keith got back to Baki’s mansion, and once they got there, they heard Baki talking to some people.
They entered the Beyblading room, and saw Valt Aoi and Free De Le Hoyo, talking with Baki.
Keith: “Wait, Valt!?”
Let's see were this will go
(Nov. 30, 2021  9:59 PM)LegendJustice Wrote: [ -> ]Let's see were this will go

I'm glad to see more people reading this, thanks for reading it!

I'm planning on releasing Chapter 3, tomorrow and Chapter 4 on Thursday or Friday.
Chapter 3!
Chapter 3: Mythical Dragon! Illusion Fafnir!

Baki: “Oh hey, Keith and Irene.”
Valt: “Hey guys!”
Free looked over and nodded.
Keith: “Valt and Free, why are you guys here?”
Free: “I heard a rumor that four bladers, were the biggest talk of this city.”
Valt: “It seems that the popularity of you three, have taken over the blading world.”
Keith: “No way, we’re that popular!”
Free walked over to the stadium.
Free: “This stadium isn’t in good shape.”
Valt grabbed his phone, and walked out.
Free pointed to Keith.
Free: “Your belt has a launcher holder, but no launcher.”
Keith: “Oh that’s right, my launcher broke while I was battling Irene.”
Free grabbed something from his bag, and tossed it to Keith.
Keith saw it was a Mystic Launcher.
Keith: “Why did you give me this?”
Free: “The fight wouldn’t be fair otherwise.”
Both of them walked over to the stadium.
Free and Keith gave each other their beys.
Keith’s Mind. “Fafnir, the Beyblade capable of spin steal, with it’s rubber. It’s armor distributes the weight evenly, it’s disc also has a smooth bottom, it’ll be a tough challenge.”
Free and Keith got ready to launch.
Keith: “3!”
Free stood still, while Keith jumped forward with his leg in the air.
Keith: “2!”
Free then jumped up into the air.
Keith, landed and twisted his leg down to the ground, while spinning.
Keith: “1!”
Keith stopped spinning and got ready to launch, while Free grabbed his launcher, and flipped and landed on the ground.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Both beys shot into the stadium, Fafnir took the center, while Kratos spun around the outer ridge.
Kratos the scraped on Xtend+, and then shot towards Fafnir.
Free: “Illusion Claw!”
Fafnir hit Kratos, but Keith smirked.
Keith: “Destruction Bound!”
Both beys shot back a bit, but Fafnir pushed down on it’s Absorb Metal.
Free: “Absorb Break!”
Fafnir then shot towards Kratos, and launched it out of the stadium, Kratos burst right before hitting the ground.
Keith: “Come on, I even got a good launch.”
Free walked over to Keith and looked at him.
Free: “That is the difference between legends and new bladers.”
Free then walked away, while Keith stood there, wondering how he could beat him.
Keith grabbed Kratos, and couldn’t figure out why he lost.
Then Kratos began to glow, and then Keith saw Kratos in front of him.
Keith: “Kratos!”
Kratos: “Keith, this is the first time, that you’ve seen me.”
Keith: “It is, Kratos.”
Kratos: “To get stronger, we need to have better resonance.”
Keith: “I agree.”
Then Keith, saw his bey again.
Free was at a café, with Valt.
Valt: “So how did your battle with Keith go?”
Free: “He’s strong, but it seems he has no resonance with his bey. Baki and Irene, seem to also have no resonance.”
Valt: “We should help them. Right, Free?”
Free: “Sure, I’d get some practice with Illusion Fafnir.”
Chapter 4: Valt’s Challenge! Defeat the Legends!

Valt and Free walked over to Baki’s mansion.
Free knocked over the door.
Baki answered the door, and saw Free.
Baki: “Free?”
Free: “Hey, me and Valt came to help you guys get better.”
Baki let Valt and Free in, and they got to the Blading Room.
Keith: “Kratos, Destruction Bound!”
Irene: “Wave Shoot!”
Ifrit dodged Kratos, and then shot towards Kratos.
Irene: “Erupting Claws!”
Ifrit hit Kratos, and it flew out of the stadium.
Keith: “Aw, come on.”
Free: “Hello.”
Keith and Irene: “Free and Valt!”
Valt: “Hey guys, we’re here to help you get better at blading.”
Free: “You three don’t have resonance with your beys.”
Valt then walked over to the stadium with Free.
Valt: “Now take us on.”
Baki: “A three on two?”
Free: “Yeah, it’ll be an easy win for us.”
Then everyone got ready.
Everyone: “3! 2! 1!”
Everyone: “Go Shoot!”
All the beys hit the stadium.
Bahamut took the center, Kratos and Ifrit spun together, and Valkyrie began to barrage Bahamut, and Fafnir circled the outer ridge.
Baki: “Bahamut!”
Bahamut appeared, and Baki put his arms up and crossed.
Baki: “Dynamic Roar!”
Bahamut parried Valkyrie away.
Valt: “Time to get serious, Valkyrie!”
Valkyrie glew, and then Valkyrie’s avatar appeared.
Valt: “Holy Sword!”
Valkyrie hit Bahamut, and Bahamut began to burst.
Baki: “Bahamut, Dynamic Shield!”
Bahamut transformed, and drift on Atomic’s outer ring.
Baki: “Dynamic Crush!”
Bahamut slammed into Valkyrie, but the spring inside Valkyrie’s Core, was pushed in.
Valt: “Bound Sword!”
Valkyrie hit Bahamut out of the stadium, Bahamut hit the ground.
Fafnir then went to the center.
Irene: “Ifrit! Wave Shoot!”
Ifrit shot towards Fafnir. Ifrit began clashing with Fafnir, but Fafnir was absorbing all of Ifrit’s spin.
Keith: “Kratos, let’s do this!”
Kratos began to glow, and then Kratos’ avatar appeared.
Keith: “Destruction Impact!”
Kratos hit Fafnir, and launched it out of the stadium.
Free: *Gasp*
Keith: “Now Irene, together let’s take Valt down!”
Irene: “Yeah!”
Valt: “Not so fast! Valkyrie!”
Valt and Valkyrie synchronized.
Valt: “Holy Sword!”
Valkyrie hit Ifrit, and burst it instantly.
Keith: “Now Kratos!”
Valt: “Holy Reboot!”
Valkyrie’s Ultimate Reboot Metal’s tip retracted, then Valkyrie shot towards Kratos.
Keith: “Destruction Bound!”
Valt: “Holy Sword!”
Valkyrie hit Kratos, but got launched.
Valt: “Hang in there Valkyrie!”
Then Valkyrie hit the stadium wall, and Valkyrie’s spring rebound off the wall, and launched towards Kratos.
Valt: “Holy Bound Sword!”
Valkyrie hit Kratos, and burst it.
Valt: “You guys put up a good fight.”
Keith: “I was so close.”
Free: “Keith, you showed resonance, keep that up, but don’t get corrupted by it.”
Free then walked out, and Valt followed behind him.
Irene walked over to Baki and Keith and showed them her tablet.
Gunta and Senor: “It’s the Hanami Announcers here with Beyblade news.
Gunta: “The newest tournament is here!”
Senor: “There are 16 slots, and all the bladers have been picked.”
Gunta: “The first 8 bladers are, Valt, Free, Samson, Keith, Irene, Gemma, Baki and Van.”
Senor: “The other eight are, Yuito, Ren, Benny, Kenny, Calvin, Issac, Aaron and Luke.”
Gunta: “This tournament will take place at BC Sol.”
Senor: “And guess this, the top three bladers will get a spot on BC Sol’s new Omega team.”
Gunta: “Sounds exciting!”
Senor: “Even better because you’ll be announcing for Group A.”
Gunta: “And you’ll be announcing for Group B.”
Both: “That’s all for the Hanami Blading News.”
Keith: “Let’s train for that tournament!”

Chapters 5,6 and 7 will be posted over the weekend
(Dec. 03, 2021  2:42 PM)beansworth Wrote: [ -> ]Chapter 4: Valt’s Challenge! Defeat the Legends!

Chapters 5,6 and 7 will be posted over the weekend
Don't you feel like you're rushing it? I mean, I do know how rushing can be bad sometimes, self experience. Don't put time limits on your chapters and try to see which parts can be improved. About the chapter itself, I don't have much to say. It was OK.
(Dec. 03, 2021  8:34 PM)Hollowmind8 Wrote: [ -> ]
(Dec. 03, 2021  2:42 PM)beansworth Wrote: [ -> ]Chapter 4: Valt’s Challenge! Defeat the Legends!

Chapters 5,6 and 7 will be posted over the weekend
Don't you feel like you're rushing it? I mean, I do know how rushing can be bad sometimes, self experience. Don't put time limits on your chapters and try to see which parts can be improved. About the chapter itself, I don't have much to say. It was OK.

Yeah, I'll push Chapter 5 back a little further, and see if I can do some upgrades. Thanks for the feedback. I'll get Chapter 5 up on Sunday or later, I'm gonna check for mistakes or anything with it.
K, so I looked over Chapter 5 and I'm ready to post it now.

Chapter 5: Tournament Time! Keith’s Courage!

A week passed, and everyone who was in the tournament was training.
Keith had developed a new launch.
Baki practiced getting as much Stamina out of his launch.
Irene was improving her balance.
Then the day came.
Keith: “Good luck guys!”
Baki: “I believe in us!”
Irene: “Let’s do our best.”
Then the three, fist bumped.
Gunta: “Hello Boys and Girls, welcome to BC Sol. Group A is here and ready to battle.
Keith, Ren, Free, Calvin, Yuito, Issac, Samson and Aaron were standing in a circle.
Gunta: “Now we’ll shuffle your names and you’ll know your opponent.
Then everyone’s names were shuffled and then the opponents were shown.
Gunta: “Keith versus Ren, Free versus Calvin, Yuito versus Aaron, Samson versus Issac.”
Keith looked towards Ren.
Gunta: “The 1st Battle will be Keith versus Ren.”
The other bladers walked to the elevators, while Keith and Ren walked to the stadium.
Ren: “Sup mate, I’m excited to use my Mystic Bey!”
Keith gasped, he thought Ren didn’t have a Mystic Bey.
Ren pulled a bey from his pocket.
Ren: “Hurricane Ragnarok!”
Keith: “This is my bey, Destruction Kratos!”
Referee: “Inspect your opponent’s beys.”
Keith’s Mind: “Ragnarok has the same armor as Fafnir, it’s disc seems to help once the bey starts to lose spin. Its driver seems to have a free-spinning POM plate. It’ll be a hard bey to out-spin.
Keith: “Let’s go!”
Ren: “3!”
Keith: “2!”
Both: “1!”
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Ren and Keith pulled off amazing shoots.
Hurricane Ragnurok landed and took center, while Kratos circled the stadium.
Keith: “Now Kratos, Destruction Shoot!”
Kratos shot towards Ragnurok hitting it to the brink of the stadium.
Ren: “No way mate, I won’t fail. Ragnurok!”
Ragnurok’s avatar appeared, flames rose from under its feet.
Ren: “Blazing Hurricane!”
A tornado summoned around Ragnurok, Kratos was getting pulled in.
Keith: “Kratos! Together!”
Keith and Kratos then became perfectly synced.
Keith: “Destruction Impact!”
Kratos hit Ragnurok and it flew out of the stadium and burst.
Referee: “Destruction Kratos, with a burst finish, Keith wins the match.”
Keith smirked and walked to the elevator.
Valt in the crowd saw Keith’s sync with Kratos.
Valt: “Those three will be the best, I can tell.”
The next three matches went by with Free, Yuito and Samson winning their matches.
After the battles everyone returned home, as for tomorrow Group B would be having their battles.
The next morning.
Senor: “Welcome boys and girls, today Group B will be battling and trying to get spots in the Semi-Finals.”
Senor shuffled the names.
Senor “And the battles are, Valt vs Benny, Van vs Kenny, Irene vs Luke and Baki vs Gemma.”
The first three battles went by quickly, Valt, Van and Irene won their matches with burst finishes.
Then Baki walked onto the elevator up to the stadium.
Once he got to the stadium, Gemma looked at him.
Gemma: “You’re the one Master Van said about.”
Baki remembered the day at the park, from a few weeks ago. Where Van and Keith fought.
Baki just grabbed his launcher and readied his launch.
Both: “3,2,1!”
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Baki pulled off a Mystic Launch, while Gemma was close.
Bahamut took centered while Gladius circled Bahamut.
Gemma: “Now Gladius, Elite Parry.”
Gladius hit Bahamut and parried it away from the center.
Baki gasped, Gladius had 4 blades that could parry.
Baki wouldn’t give up though, not after all his training, Baki with all his strength called out.
Baki: “Bahamut, let’s show him our power!”
Baki and Bahamut synchronized and Bahamut’s avatar appeared.
Baki: “Dynamic Crush!”
Bahamut hit Gladius, and burst it.
Gemma grabbed his bey and walked away.
Baki walked to the elevator, extremely happy with his win.
The next day, Group A walked in.
Keith, Free, Yuito and Samson stood on the stadium floor, the four bladers waiting for their opponent.
Gunta: “Today’s battles are Keith vs Samson and Free vs Yuito.”
Samson walked over to Keith with a smile.
Samson: “Hey, I’m Samson Bernadotte, and I’m the 7th holder of our families’ Beyblade, Solomon.”
Keith stuck his hand out.
Keith: “I’m Keith Shadis, the creator of Destruction Kratos!”
The two smiled and got ready to launch, Keith readied his special launch, as he did he saw Samson facing backwards.
Both “3,2,1!”
Keith jumped in the air, did two flips landed on his left foot and jumped forward, and grabbed his string.
Samson jumped backwards did a handstand flipped up, and grabbed his string.
Keith: “This is my Godly Launch.”
Samson: “Royal Launch, is the name.”
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Both of the boys pulled off Mystic Launches.
Kratos went to the center, Keith had put Kratos in Stamina mode.
Solomon drift on its Unison Driver and shot at Kratos.
Samson: “Saint Crush!”
Solomon crashed into Kratos and launched it out of the stadium. Kratos hit the floor.
Referee: “Solomon with an over finish. 1 point to Samson.”
Samson grabbed Solomon and looked at Keith
Samson: “This is just the start, me and Solomon haven’t even shown you our most powerful move.”
Keith smirked.
The two got ready and launched their beys.
Keith had put Kratos into Stamina mode.
Kratos took center while Solomon circled the outer ridge, Keith could tell Samson was up to something.
Samson: “Now’s the time. Solomon awaken!”
Solomon’s avatar appeared, it’s crimson armor shone.
Samson: “Now, Saint Crush!”
Solomon pushed against it’s Unison driver and shot at Kratos.
Keith: “Not so fast! Now, Kratos!”
Kratos’ avatar appeared, it’s eyes gleamed blue.
Keith: “Now, Destruction Bound!”
Solomon hit Kratos’ bound blade, it launched Solomon into the stadium wall.
Solomon was losing stamina, and Samson was getting worried that Kratos would outspin Solomon.
Then Solomon lost all it’s spin and the Ref, put his hand over to Keith.
Referee: “Destruction Kratos with a Spin Finish, 1 point awarded to Keith.”
Samson sighed, while Keith put his fist to Samson.
Samson: “Huh?”
Keith: “No matter who loses, let’s be friends.”
Samson and Keith fist-bumped.
Both boys smiled.
Then they got ready to launch.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Chapter 6 Baby!

Chapter 6: Kratos’ Awakening! Group B’s Duels!

Kratos and Solomon hit the stadium floor, Kratos was in Attack mode.
Solomon took the center, while Kratos began to barrage Solomon.
Samson: “Your attacks are in vain! Saint Shield!”
The Saint blade glew, and began to parry all of Kratos’ attacks.
Keith got flashbacks to losing, he lost to Baki, Irene, Free, Van and his idol Valt.
Keith grit his teeth, Kratos’ avater pulled Keith in.
Keith: “Kratos!”
Kratos: “Keith, don’t lose control of your emotions.”
Keith looked at his hand.
Keith: “Your right, Kratos.”
Keith smiled and fist-bumped Kratos.
Keith’s eye’s glowed blue and then him and Kratos synchronized.
Keith(Sync):”Together! Destruction Bound!
Kratos slammed into Solomon and hit it into the sky, and it burst.
Referee: “Kratos, with a Burst finish, Keith wins the match and moves onto the Quarter-Finals.”
Samson grabbed his bey, and smiled.
Samson: “You’re a strong one Keith, let’s battle again one day!”
Keith smiled and fist-bumped Samson.
Keith: “You’ll lose!”
Samson and Keith laughed and walked into the elevator, and exited the stage.
Free and Yuito entered the floor.
Free: “This is pointless, I’ll beat you.”
Yuito: “Don’t go saying that, you may jinx yourself.”
The two bladers grabbed their launchers and got ready.
Yuito put his hands on his chest and walked forward, while Free prepared his launch.
Then Yuito slid to the ground, launched forward and grabbed his string.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Fafnir landed and took center, while Yaoguai dashed around the stadium ridge.
Yuito: “Yaoguai! Ghastly Shoot!”
Yaoguai began barraging Fafnir, but Free had seen Fafnir barraged before.
Free: “Fafnir. Illusion Claw!”
Fafnir hit Yaoguai and it burst, Yuito stood there defeat in his eyes.
Free turned and walked away, he was going to battle Keith in the Quarter-Finals.
Then Valt, Van, Irene and Baki walked onto the floor, their names in shuffle.
Van looked at Valt.
Van: “I’ll defeat you, Valt, Valkyrie is mine and is ready to destroy your Valkyrie.”
Valt’s eyes showed sadness, Baki and Irene walked over.
Irene: “Valt, are you okay?”
Valt looked at the two and said.
Valt: “Can you two tell Keith this two?”
Baki nodded, then Valt took a deep breath.
Valt: “Van is my son, and he’s been corrupted by Fallen Valkyrie.”
Baki and Irene gasped, then Senor piped up.
Senor: “The battles are Valt vs Van and Irene vs Baki.”
Van looked to Valt, with eyes bent on destruction.
Then Irene and Baki walked to the elevators and went down.
Valt and Van got ready to launch, and Valt put his emotions beside, and was ready to eradicate Fallen Valkyrie’s corruption.
Kratos with Blades of Chaos when
(Dec. 11, 2021  7:08 PM)Kiryu Kazuma Wrote: [ -> ]Kratos with Blades of Chaos when

It would be funny if it had a frame or an armor called Axe, and it was Ice-blue
Wow, that's actually a really good name for it's second armor it gets later on! Ice-Blue would look really nice on it too! Thanks for the idea! Chapter 7, will be out like next week maybe?
I have a idea for a character:War sha ka d e r a/son of xander/BEYBLADE:immortal warrior/age 15-16

His other pieces are called/disk is torment/tip-forced/armor: has two armors barrier and slash/balance type uses attack more
(Dec. 12, 2021  12:38 AM)Carma___bigbang Wrote: [ -> ]I have a idea for a character:War sha ka d e r a/son of xander/BEYBLADE:immortal warrior/age 15-16

His other pieces are called/disk is torment/tip-forced/armor: has two armors barrier and slash/balance type uses attack more

Sounds cool! 

War Shakadera-Age:16-Height:5' 8"

Immortal Warrior Torment Forced Splinter

Warrior is a right spin core that features 4 strong and hard locks

Immortal is a symmetrical design with two huge metal swords and two shields.

Torment has a design similar to 2 but features a dagger like plastic armor, that when clicked twice becomes an amazing attack design.

Forced is a driver that has tons of metal on the bottom that accelerates very quickly on the stadium floor.

Splinter is a armor that puts all the weight into both sides and makes Warrior a very good beyblade.

War's personality is exactly like Xhaka and Xavier, but he understands Van and his actions.
Works with Van for a little but changes sides.

I made some characters appearances and I'll post them tomorrow or Monday, so everyone will know all the characters design.
You made him cooler

I made a new series just now it’s based of Greek mythology
(Dec. 12, 2021  2:43 AM)Carma___bigbang Wrote: [ -> ]You made him cooler

I made a new series just now it’s based of Greek mythology

That's cool! Anyway did you have any clue on how you wanted him to look? Just asking cause I was planning on making his design soon.

Characters Apperances Baby! War will be added tomorrow.
Beyblade Burst Mystic: Apperances.

Keith Shadis’ body is that of a normal 16-year old’s body, he is 5’ 9” and weighs 60.6 kilograms. His hair is black with a orange highlight on his middle bang and medium in length, he wears a black hoodie, in addition he wears blue jeans and white adidas. Another one of his designs features him wearing a formal outfit, he wears this to parties and formal events.

Baki Alcazaba’s body is that of a under-average 16 year-old body. He is 5’ 3” and weighs 58.9 kilograms. His hair is sorta long in length barely reaching past his chin, his hair color is dark brown. His main outfit is a suit with a stylized “B” on his left side, he wears suit pants and brown formal shoes.

Irene Mao’s body is that of a normal 16-year old female’s body, her chest size is under-medium. She is 5’ 6” and weighs 53.5 kilograms. Her hair is light brown in color, with some light blue highlights in her bangs. Her normal outfit consists of a short red dress, with a black jacket wore over the top of the dress, she also wears a pendant passed down from her grandmother. She wears heels sometimes, but mostly wears boots.

Van Aoi’s body is that of an average 15 year old, he is 5’ 5” and weighs 57.4 kilograms. His hair is black and like Valt’s when it’s down. His normal outfit consists of a black t-shirt and grey jeans or sweatpants, he also wears a cape that hangs by a chain. He also has a black stud earring in his left ear. He wears tall black boots with straps tightening the boots around his feet.

Yuito Kuroda’s body is that of an semi-body builder 16-year old male body. He is 5’ 7” and weighs 61.2 kilograms. His hair is medium length and it is black. Hi normal outfit consists of a black jacket with fluff on the top, and he wears a red shirt under the jacket, he normally wears sweatpants that are dark grey, and he wears brown boots. He also wears a necklace, his mother made him.

Samson Bernadotte’s body is that of a body building 19 year old, he is 5’ 10” and weighs 65.7 kilograms. His hair is a darker blood red color. His normal outfit is a grey tank-top with a shoulder cowl, he also wears black pants with some damage marks from all his working out. His shoes are black boots.

Onto the returning characters.
Valt wears his same design from Sparking, with one difference being he wears a blue stud earring in his left ear.
Shu wears his same design from Cho-Z and DB combined with the longer haircut, that being the only difference.
Free wears his same design from DB, but wears the shirt and sash from Sparking, he also wears the same earring, but in gold and red.
Seems Chapter 7, will be posted tomorrow maybe. IDK yet

(Dec. 13, 2021  7:14 PM)beansworth Wrote: [ -> ]Seems Chapter 7, will be posted tomorrow maybe. IDK yet

I was re-reading Chapter 7 and realized that Chapter 7 is mega short, so I'll do a huge two chapter post, having Chapters 7 and 8 posted together. But then I'll push Chapter 9 back.
1-He would be shorter than his dad

2-Have white hair

3-skinny but still has muscles

4-spikey hair


6-black and gold jacket witch is to big you can’t see his arms

7-sharp teeth

8-dads skin

Green eyes
(Dec. 13, 2021  9:06 PM)Carma___bigbang Wrote: [ -> ]1-He would be shorter than his dad  

2-Have white hair

3-skinny but still has muscles

4-spikey hair


6-black and gold jacket witch is to big you can’t see his arms

7-sharp teeth

8-dads skin

Green eyes

Thanks for explaining his design! Adding it right now. War should appear in Chapter 14 with Van and Gemma and he'll battle Bell and Baki.
Keep up the good work ^__^
Chapters 7&8 out now! 9 will be released sometime before Christmas.

Chapter 7: Van’s Anger! Corrupt Synchronization!

Both: “Go Shoot!”
Both Valkyries hit the stadium floor and began barraging each other.
Valt: “Valkyrie! Holy Sword!”
Van: “Valkyrie! Fallen Sword!”
The two bey’s swords clashed, the avatars were battling, and so were the son and father.
Valt: “Stop Van! You’ll get corrupt if you keep using Fallen Valkyrie!”
Van: “You don’t know anything, your useless! Stop holding me back!”
Fallen Valkyrie’s avatar appeared, it’s void black armor consumed the light.
Van: “Fallen Wing Beat!”
Fallen Valkyrie hit Valkyrie, but the spring in the Valkyrie Core, was compressed.
Valt: “Fine Van, if this is how your going to play, then I’ll use 100%.”
Valt synchronized with Valkyrie.
Valt(Sync): “Bound Sword!”
Valkyrie launched Fallen Valkyrie out of the stadium.
Referee: “Valkyrie with a Over Finish, Valt gets a point.”
The crowd went wild. Gemma sat away from most of the people, he wore a frown.
Gemma: “Master Van, you mustn’t lose.”
Then Van grabbed his bey and launcher, and stared at Valt with a death glare.
Then the two prepared their launches and launched.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Both Valkyrie’s hit the stadium floor and began to zoom around quickly.
The two Valkyrie’s slammed into each other.
Valt: “Valkyrie!”
Valkyrie’s avatar appeared and it’s sword gleamed.
Van then called out.
Van: “Fallen Valkyrie, share my pain!” AH!”
Van and Fallen Valkyrie synchronized in corruption and Van’s eyes glowed purple.
Van: “Fallen Sword!”
Fallen Valkyrie hit Valkyrie, and pushed it’s spring in.
Valt: “Valkyrie! Together let’s exorcize this curse!”
Valt and Valkyrie synchronized, and the two entered what pro bladers called BladerBey Zone.
Valt(Sync): “Holy Sword!”
Van(Sync): “Fallen Sword!”
The two Valkyrie’s clashed, their swords hit each other.
Valt and Van were staring at each other, with all their power going into this match.
Then Fallen Valkyrie burst Valkyrie, and Valt gasped.
Referee: “Fallen Valkyrie with a Burst Finish, Van wins.”
Van turned and walked away.
Then Irene and Baki went to the stadium, the two who had been friends for 9 years, now would battle.

Chapter 8: Irene Versus Baki! Dynamic Roar!
Both of the bladers then got ready.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Bahamut and Ifrit hit the stadium floor, Bahamut took the center while Ifrit began a barrage.
Irene: “Now Ifrit! Wave Shoot!”
Baki crossed his arms to his chest.
Baki: “Dynamic Roar!”
Bahamut then parried Ifrit away.
Keith, Free and Valt sat in the crowd, they were all cheering the two on.
Irene then put her fingers like claws.
Irene: “Ifrit! Our roar will be heard!”
Ifrit’s avatar appeared, its roar echoed.
Irene: “Now, Erupting Claws!”
Ifrit hit Bahamut with it’s rubber, launching it almost out of the stadium.
Baki: “Now Bahamut, Dynamic Crush!”
Bahamut shot to Ifrit off of Atomic’s outer ring.
It slammed into Ifrit and launched it out of the stadium.
Referee: “Bahamut with an Over Finish, one point is awarded to Baki.”
Baki smirked, while Irene grabbed Ifrit.
Irene: “Ifrit, why can’t I be a good blader, like mother?”
Then Ifrit lit up and Irene was standing in front of Ifrit.
Irene: “Ifrit! It’s you!”
Ifrit: “Irene, you have always been a good blader, but now it’s time for our resonance to take form.”
Irene smiled and called out.
Irene: “I’ll be the best owner of you, Ifrit!”
Irene suddenly saw her bey again, and was ready for round 2.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Ifrit and Bahamut hit the stadium floor, Bahamut took center, while Ifrit ran against the outer ridge.
Baki gasped, he didn’t think that Irene would play the stamina game.
Baki: “Fine, we’ll make this simple. Bahamut, rise!”
Bahamut’s avatar appeared, then it drift on Atomic’s outer ring, and shot towards Ifrit.
Baki: “Now, Dynamic Crush!”
Irene smirked and put her hands like claws.
Irene: “Ifrit! Wave Shoot!”
Ifrit then shot away from Bahamut.
Irene: “Ifrit, Eruption Impact!”
Ifrit then shot towards Bahamut, and launched it out of the stadium.
Referee: “Ifrit with an Over Finish, one point awarded to Irene.”
Irene smiled, while Baki picked up Bahamut.
The two smiled and got their launches ready.
Both: “Go Shoot!”
Bahamut took center, once it hit the stadium floor, while Ifrit began it’s assault.
Irene: “Wave Shoot!”
Baki crossed his arms on his chest.
Baki: “Bahamut, Dynamic Roar!”
Bahamut then parried Ifrit, but Irene had a plan.
Irene: “Now Ifrit, we’ll synchronize!”
Irene and Ifrit then synchronized, Irene’s azul eyes shone.
Irene(Sync): “Ifrit! Eruption Impact!”
Baki: “Not so fast! Bahamut!”
When Ifrit hit Bahamut, it transformed.
Baki: “Dynamic Shield.”
Ifrit was hit away by Bahamut.
Irene then called out.
Irene(Sync): “Ifrit! Wave Shoot!”
Ifrit clashed with Bahamut, and Irene and Baki wanted their bey to win.
Then Bahamut shot up and burst, Ifrit had won.
Referee: “Ifrit with a Burst Finish, Irene wins the match.”
Irene and Baki high fived, before walking to their elevators.
Baki’s Mind: “I hope Boa still thinks I’m a good blader.”
Irene’s Mind: “I hope Keith though I was cool.”
Senor: “And that’s it, tomorrow we be the quarter-finals for both groups.”
Everyone left, and met at Baki’s mansion.
Samson had introduced himself to everyone, and everyone was having a great time, except for one person.
Valt sat by himself looking at his phone’s gallery at all the pictures of him, Sasha and Van when he was 5.
Free walked over to Valt and sat with him.
Free: “Still down over the battle?”
Valt shook his head.
Valt: “I’m down over Van, he’s changed since last year.”
Free got up and said.
Free: “Well, you’re the great Valt, you’ll find a way to fix this.”
Valt smiled and got up.
Valt: “Thanks Free.”
Free slightly smiled.
Free: “Sure, you are my closest friend after all.”
Then Valt’s phone rang.
Valt: “Hello?”
???: “Hey Valt, I was planning on coming back to Japan, with my new student.”
Valt: “Shu, your coming back? And you have a new student.”
Shu: “Yeah, besides Keith, Baki, Irene and Van have been all over the blading world. Maybe Lucy could battle them.”
Valt: “Sounds good, when will you be here?”
Shu: “Most likely this Friday.”
Valt: “Alright, see ya.”
Valt hung up and told Free, then Keith walked over to Free.
Keith: “I’m excited for my rematch!”
Free smiled.
Free: “Alright, I’ll still beat you.”
The two then shook hands and talked with everyone.
Thursday, then came and Keith, Free and Irene and Van would have their battles today.
Keith and Free walked to the stadium.
Keith smiled, his hopes were high.
Free smirked, he knew he’d win.
The two then pulled out their launchers.
Both: “3! 2! 1! Go Shoot!”
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