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The skill of writing and how to develop it. Read more here: https://www.justwebworld.com/tips-for-building-writing-skills/ Preparing your child to write is one of the most important parts of preparing them for school. Often this skill is underdeveloped for first graders. No wonder, since preparing one's hand to write is a long and complicated process. We, adults, rarely think about how much we need to know and be able to write a single word correctly, because our writing skills are already imprecise, and we don't remember all the details of the time we spent learning and coping with the first difficulties. WRITING PREPARATION - A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH Many people think that preparation for writing begins when a child picks up a pencil and does their first exercises in a workbook. This is not true. Preparation begins long before that. If we don't pay enough attention to the preliminary work, the workbook exercises will cause the child a lot of difficulties and, as a consequence, make him or her dislike it. It is worth noting that in addition to the technical side of writing, there is also the intellectual side, namely the idea of how words are formed from letters, each of which denotes a specific sound. Without this, even a child who is a master of the writing instrument will not be able to write a single word arbitrarily. Complete preparation for writing includes: Development of movement coordination skills, the ability to hold a writing instrument correctly, exercises in shading and outlining shapes, knowledge of letters, the ability to distinguish sounds in words, the ability to make words out of letters. Below we will talk about how to develop each of these skills. MOVEMENT COORDINATION The ability to coordinate movements is a basic skill that must be developed from an early age. That is why in the Montessori environment there is a huge number of developmental materials with which a child hones the ability to control his or her movements, making them more and more precise with time. In order to improve the coordination skill at home, I recommend to diversify the number of developmental games and activities. It is not always necessary to buy expensive toys. Activities such as stringing beads, working with a construction set, modeling with plasticine, activities with kinetic sand, various kinds of shuffling and pouring and other types of manipulation with objects will serve as excellent helpers. Do not be afraid to entrust your child and the tasks at home. Children from a certain point can be trusted with peeling an egg, slicing a banana (with a safe knife) and other simple tasks. I also recommend giving the child the opportunity to dress and serve themselves at the table as independently as possible from an early age. KNOWING HOW TO HOLD A WRITING UTENSIL CORRECTLY It is not easy for children to learn how to hold a pencil correctly in their hand. Materials and activities that develop coordination and fine motor skills can help with this task. Also at the initial stage, special holders which are put on a pencil and help the child to position their fingers correctly can help. Such holders can be bought in stores of stationery and goods for children. I strongly recommend using the ones with holes for fingers. Holders without holes usually do not help because the child does not have a clear guide as to how to grab such a holder.

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