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Country: United States Registration Date: Jul. 27, 2018

Hello there, I am MLG blader, I started beyblading at the age of 5, and I am still for 7 years, my first beyblade ever was a big bang Pegasus and a shogun steel Samurai Ifraid, Then my mom for a surprise got me a beyblade lot, filled with used bey parts in mint condition, sadly almost all of them are missing but some still remain, about in 2017 the first trailer for Beyblade Burst came out, and I wanted one, Sadly everyone in my city wanted one too but no one published them but only takara tomy, then when I was walking in Walmart with my grandma and mom and little brother, I was looking in the toy aisle when I saw a Kerbeus K2 and a Roktavor R2, my mind exploded I ran to my mom and bought the beys, I had a beyblade metal fight stadium and played with the beys every day, then i got the beyblade set that came with Valtryek V2 and Spryzen S2 and then as time went on, I got more beyblades, my first takara tomy beyblade was a Killer Deathscyther.About 6 Months later I wished there would be Beyblade Tournaments, then I looked up"Beyblade tournaments" Then I found the WBO and made a account and signed up.My first tournament was on July 18th, 2018, It was really fun, sure I lost 2 rounds and got disqualified, but I sticked around and had fun just, Beyblading, UPDATE: Jan 23rd, 2022; Retired BeyBlader, now speedcuber

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