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Country: Registration Date: May. 07, 2011 Birthday: Apr. 26, 2000 (23 years old)

I am a gamer. I play a lot of video games, such as Minecraft (PC) and Call of Duty (for Wii). My hobby is beyblading, I am OK at it, I am awesome at Minecraft, and good but not great on Call of Duty. I have a high bey-rank, and 23 beys. I have young parents, my dad is 37 and my mom in 38, i have a 6-month old baby sister, and also really young grandparents. my grandpa is 65, and my grandma is 61. It's the same age for my other grandparents too. I am in 6th grade, can be a bit lazy at times, but at other times really hard-working. I am originally from Argentina (yes i speak spanish) but only was born there and lived there until i was 2, then i moved to Chicago, Illinois, and lived there for 8 years, (yeah i grew up there) then when i was 10 i Moved to New York. I will be turning 12 in 3 months. My family up to my grandparents are Argentinian, over them are all Italian. I go to an Italian school, (yes i am multilingual) i speak English very well, i speak spanish pretty good, i speak italian pretty good too, but my best language is English.

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