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Economics Term Paper Topics

  • America: Cultural Exports Versus Manufactured Goods.

In the past twenty years America's manufacturing has declined yet the export of cultural goods has skyrocketed. Here to write my paper a writer analyzes this shift in relative importance of the two sectors. It emphasizes American maturity in the Fordist economy and inability to adapt to post-Fordist manufacturing. Also, it highlights the technological changes of the Information Revolution that have increased the penetration of media and cultural goods.

  • American Express and the Improvement of Marketing Strategies.

Until quite recently, American Express (AMEX) faced little competition of importance due to a marked shortage of firms that could offer guaranteed financial services in numerous locations across the world. However, the revolution in communications presented by cyber-technology has forced a move away from this assumption of old to do with near monopoly on the part of American Express. Businesses and individual consumers now have little difficulty performing various financial tasks of their own accord, employing the Internet, or one or another of dozens of financial service firms that have joined the field in the last decade or so. Later-pages of this paper emphasize ideas presented in Tapscott's The Digital Economy which pertain to the lack of predictability that is presented by the new economy and its affiliations to both cyber-technology and globalization. (1996) In good measure, the opinion presented here is related to the possibility that the world economy and inherent business practices may not be as revolutionized as contemporary phenomena might suggest.


  • An Article Analysis in Economics: Are Currency Boards a Cure for All Monetary Problems by Charles Enoch.

This paper according to buy custom essay paper writing service will discuss the affects of Currency Boards in the economic situations that arrange money value in small third world countries. By understanding the system of this article by Charles Enoch entitled: Are Currency Boards a Cure for All Monetary Problems?, we can see the nature of the value in the money markets around the world, and show if the Currency Boards do in fact play a major role in the value of currency world wide. 

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  • An Economic Analysis of the Transitional States of Eastern Europe and Russia.

There can be no doubt that the study of the transitional states of Eastern Europe and Russia pose an interesting case for economic analysis. The challenges that face these countries can only be understood through a synthesis of capitalist and communist tenets. This involves comparisons and contrasts between both systems, through which a significant amount of knowledge can be applied and gained. And armed with this knowledge, it might be possible to gain a better understanding on the nature of the world economy and the prospects for its future. Studies that look at the transformation from socialism to capitalism are, therefore, interesting, important, and very relevant in present-day economics. This study will forge down precisely this path, evaluating the experiences of the post-communist states. With the sheer expanse and intensity of the previous Soviet system, it will be shown that, not only has the transition from plan to market been difficult for the countries of East Europe themselves, but also for economists who try to observe progress from afar. It is not overstatement to suggest that the process has been frustrating for everyone. 

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