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hello, i am frost [ or frostbite as other people call me in real life and on other games] and i am a competitive blader who would just like to reveal my skills to the world. even though i havent be able to go to an event yet i will probably go to one in august if there is one [ i hope there is]. i really hope to battle other bladers and rise up in the ranks. my partner beyblade would have to be one out of the two which i have named simple, and clean [ simple and clean is really a song which i just figured out]. simple = facebolt: libra, clear ring: dark libra, metal wheel: earth, track: ED145, bottom: WB clean= Facebolt: basalt horogium, energy ring: basalt, metal wheel: basalt, track: ED145, bottom: WD. take note that my "website" is not my account. it is own by my brother who does beyblade sometimes. im one of the smaller kids in the backround. well i guess thats it

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