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Country: Registration Date: May. 12, 2011 Birthday: Dec. 12, 1999 (20 years old)

i play foot ball for the westlake bull dogs in waldorf md WAFFLES VS PANKAKES fang is a awsome fusinon wheel im am free for any taems,trades,or anthing i have a fang leon,storm pegusis you kn ow what just go to my trade therde if u want to know the rest but i can assure u you these are vary valuable and they are up for trade again just pm me or post on my team thread or trade theade my trading thread has very low standerdes so plese post or pm plese i need more piececes bey blade if any one has a burn fire or sol blaze or counter leon blitz unicorno or any plasticks i will trade for those just post or pm me i got a new basalt wheel you can find me on face book or united

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