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How do you convert your speech into text? If you are doing qualitative research and need to analyze the text of an interview, you basically need to convert audio into text. Transcribing a recorded interview is an example of converting speech to text. If you want to do online transcription, you need to listen to the audio frames and then manually write it clean. Manually converting speech to text can be very time consuming and mentally demanding. But what's the best way to ask the interview you recorded? There are three ways to convert audio to text: Transcribe audio to text manually Hire a company to convert speech to text Use an automatic transcription program Manual transcription from audio to text Of course, you can transcribe audio recordings yourself. It doesn't cost anything and you can check the level of quality you're looking for. The disadvantage of manually transcribing speech to text is the large time investment that can be required. For example, a novice user will spend about 8-10 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of audio. So, this scenario probably doesn't work if you're a vendor, for example. As a journalist, you're often busy making sure you're the first to publish the news, and also working with tight deadlines. Running a free trial Ask your company to transcribe the audio into text It's also possible that you ask a specialized company to do the transcription. In most cases, they offer 99% accuracy, and you won't have to work on the transcript yourself. On the other side of hiring a company for this purpose is an increase in expense. Your transcription is prepared by a professional who goes through your audio and carefully transcribes it into text format. This usually costs at least $2.00 per audio minute to do a manual transcription and takes about a week to be ready. Tip: transcription website also does manual transcripts using our software to do the raw version first we can reduce the price by 50% compared to a transcript done by a professional. You often have to ask for information where you specify the number of speakers, accents, and other audio features. you will get your options and costs immediately. This arrangement is not recommended for people on a low budget. Automatic program to convert audio to text You can also transcribe automatically with our speech recognition software. In number, from speech to text, our software takes 10 minutes to convert your audio to text. All you have to do is make minor improvements to make your transcript 100% accurate. This can be done very quickly with our easy-to-use editor, which "links" your audio text to your transcription. This makes the repair easy. Our editor also makes it easy to find specific words in your transcription and play similar audio. Our software can convert speech to text in over 35 languages! Auto-scripting is much faster than doing it yourself or asking for transcriptions from a company. Nevertheless, it is significantly cheaper than outsourcing! You can try it for free. After the trial version you can start transcribing files immediately. Related resources to write : Buying an audio digitizer - worth paying attention to How i write transription Digitizing records and cassettes is no problem with digitizing devices Belconnen A selection of services for transcribing audio into text HOW TO RECORD AN AUDIO FILE TO TEXT ONLINE

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