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Country: Registration Date: Jun. 18, 2011 Birthday: November 20

Ziro = Nickname from my friends (long story)... The equation to explain my nickname Ziro= ((0-e)+i) x 10^-2 Beyblade Goals ✓ 1-Come in first place at a tournament.•Super Special Awesoeme Holi Bey tournament Thing ✓ 2-Have someone consider me their nemesis/ rival.•hitsugiya. ✓ 3-Become a top ranked NC beyblader.•First in NC on 3-8-12. 4-Refer 5 people. ✓ 5-Break a beyblade.•Destroyed hitsugiya's beyblade. ✓ 6-Introduce someone to Beyblade.•Introduced 2 people to the game. ✓ 7-Have something awesome happen in a battle.•Made a friends beyblade fly out of a stadium and dent a wall. ✓ 8-Beyblade at Anime North. ✓ 9-Be in the top 100 Bladers. ✓ 10-Be in the top 50 Bladers.

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