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Country: United Kingdom Registration Date: Dec. 16, 2015

Im Welsh not british Im a toy collector and art student I as everyone else here is a beyblader but I favor the plastic gen over the recent gens, the plastic gen you made from kits, newer blades you just buy them and play, you dont spend the time making the bey. Idont enter tournament mainly because there are none in my area, the UK is spares on that scene, and plus, I wouldn't be allowed to use my bey in that, and I would be too old by the new rule sets(hasbro done fucked on that one) Im experimenting on making custom launchers from old printer gear boxes and scrap parts, so far I can make a working gear box that can launch a bey, but I need a housing for it to work right. one of my goal is to finish my personal bey Szodiac Dragoon, and make a version of her in each gen, HMS is going to be a hard one due to the price and getting matching parts in blues and purples for a heavy defense bey.

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