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Country: Registration Date: Jul. 15, 2016 Birthday: Dec. 22, 1999 (23 years old)

Hello, my name is Starstorm. I am a Beyblade enthusiast, also an enthusiast of Smash Bros., I love both Beyblade and Smash, I've had a rough start with Beyblade, losing my Shogun Steel beys and losing my beystadiums, and not being able to experience the early Metal Fight. But I'm determined to start here with Burst and also gain metal fight beys and become an awesome Beyblader. That is my Blader Spirit. Other Favorite Beys: Flame Sagittario Galaxy Pegasus Hades Kerbecs Gravity Destroyer Dranzer F, V, V2, GT Draciel S, F, V, V2, G Wolborg 2, 4 Dragoon F, V, V2, G, GT Driger V2 Goals: Become the Best Lucas in Smash 4 Become a pro Beyblader Expand my Bey collection (so far I only have 1, Diablo Nemesis) Collect my favorite Beys Master the art of Defensive and Balance type Beys

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