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Country: Registration Date: Jan. 14, 2011 Birthday: May. 27, 1992 (29 years old)

Hello guy's and Gal's I'm Spinner from the mountians of WV. If there is any wonder about what go's on here ask I been here for 18 years. I used to be into Beybladeing heavly during the Dragoon day's. I work for walmart. __________________________________________ here is my bey Gear. Super vortex Arena 1. Gold L Drago 1. Red Storm Pegasus 1.String launcher 1. wind and shoot launcher 1.Launcher Grip 1. Aries 1.Flame Libra 1Plain storm Pegasus 1.Plain L Drago 1. Earth Wolf 1.Dark Gasher 1.Storm Aquaro 1.Dark Wolf 1.Pegasus Arena 1.Black L Drago Arena

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