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Country: United Kingdom Registration Date: Aug. 02, 2016

I was first introduced to beyblade back in 2006 during a re-run of season 1 and I immediately fell in love with it, the plot, the concept and the music. However when it ended I was quite sad (I didn't know about season 2&3) but I was happy when metal fusion was announced but was sad when the originals weren't returning but I still watched it and enjoyed it mostly because it reminded me of the originals. Later on when metal masters was ending and metal fury was announced, I was hyped but I was only able to find subbed episodes and I didn't like watching shows in another language but I still watched it and this sparked my interest in subbed anime. Later on I found out about season 2 and 3 and watched them, they blew my mind and made me wonder how a children's show about spinning tops be so amazing. Sadly I began to lose interest during zero g and abandoned the series until early 2016 when I heard about burst in a random news article and all the nostalgia came flooding back. I then started to watch a few episodes of the original trilogy in subbed and was at first not pleased because the voice acting was to feminine for the characters and the music wasn't as exciting as the cheesy insert songs. Eventually I got used to the voices and prefer them now and when I heard g revolutions ost in Japanese, I was mind blown on how much variety there was and how epic it sounded (my favourites being takao no theme 1 and 2 and Kai no theme 1) overall I've loved all series of beyblade and I'm currently enjoying burst

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