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Country: United States Registration Date: Mar. 26, 2017

Hello, my name as a blader is Shi Kurai. Although that isn't my true name. I will keep my true self hidden to be quiet about many things, but as Shi, I'll talk. I am a user of Dark Deathscyther .F.J and I travel a dark road. However with the help of my blader friends, I am slowly losing the darkness, yet inadvertently causing that darkness to take a form of it's own. In real life, I am a smalltime youtuber (youtube.com/user/Dogarmada94) who makes beyblade unboxings, real life episodes, and also random videos. I have a co-host who I try to record with but as I have low pay and our schedules don't usually coincide we are having troubles keeping up unboxings and videos to keep you all entertained. I also have a patreon to help buffer my beyblade purchases and maybe get better equipment along the way. If you want to help support my patreon or even just subscribe to my youtube, i'd very much appreciate it. Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions or want to just talk to me. For now, it's Brad/Shi of Team Nova, i'm out.

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ShiKurai hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.