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Country: United States Registration Date: Jan. 31, 2019

What’s up Bladers I’m a Blader who loves battling other bladers I use ChoZ beys and god beys and maybe GT beys if I get them and I will try to collect duo layers for burst classics so yeah Hope I could see you in a tournament And I only go to tournament which are close or in Philadelphia or in Pennsylvania if they are close. My Channel Is “RaitonXDBlader” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEXs__OE6ir9w_tQrCvNkcw Subscribe if you want to see any tournament videos if I upload and I’m not the most popular Blader in the WBO but I am pretty known just that my account hasn’t been ranked yet and my past accounts I could not get in so I need to merge my account which I don’t know how to do. I Have Been To These Tournaments Beigoma Blues PA Beyblade East Part 1

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RaitonXDBlader hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.