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I first got into Beyblades back in 2001 when the first batch came out, I remember my first Beyblade being Grip Attacker hence why I grew attached to attack beyblades. I later competed in minor tournaments, 5 across England and 1 in Tokyo. After the show finished I never really played with them until 10 years later when my little cousin (with him funny enough being the age I was when I started) told me about the new Metal fusion beyblades, I personally don't like the new beyblades with me being stuck in the past however I still like having a good game with my HMS/plastic beyblades once in a while. My average placement in tournaments is 3rd place with me usually coming 2nd-3rd (once fourth and another first). If you would like to contact me please don't hesitate to do so via my skype account: m0hn15h

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