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Hi! My name is Brittany but online I prefer to go by Lav(real name is reserved for certain people/situations usually). I'm a female Blader and I'm fairly new to the world of Beyblade. If I had to choose a favorite season of the show right now it would be Shogun Steel(currently airing for me). I have really bad luck with choosing Beyblades cause I always seem to like the ones that are banned in Limited yet I wanna be a competitor. I'm still learning about what makes a Beyblade good and which parts are better than others but I want to one day make some really great customized Beyblades. That being said it'll be tough since I'm not very good at math or anything like that really so it'll be tough. Thats part of the reason I came to WBO though. I wanted to learn more about Beyblade and make new friends who were interested in it as well. Feel free to shoot me a PM, I'm always looking for friends(and for useful Beyblading tips)!

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