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I have been playing with beyblades ever since the Metal Fusion series came out. A little while after I saw Beyblade Metal Fusion, I learned that there was a series before that, lol. But I never watched or played with the plastic beys. My First bey was Storm Aries 125S but it's face bolt shattered 3 times so I exchanged it for Storm Pegasus 105RF. I collected several other beys and also got my Bro and Cousins interested in beyblades as well. We would always have a 4 way battle or a tournament with each other. It is actually really fun. My favorite beyblade is Flame Libra T125ES which is the only bey I never customize and always battle with IRL, lol. My Favorite Combo I have ATM is Earth Capricorn GB145WD, which is my most often used combo. I dont have many Metal Masters and Metal Fury beys because I dont shop online, actually I never have bought beyblades online before now that I think about it. I usually get them straight from Japan(grandparents travel to Japan often) or from Walmart, never online,lol.

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